Escape Rooms around the UK

Escape rooms can be comically hard to explain; we call it the ‘nan-reaction’: “You’re paying to get locked in a room with some puzzles for an hour? Couldn’t you do that at home for nowt?!” The simple answer is, no! It’s all about immersing yourself in a totally new environment. With your comfort zone and control taken away, it’s 100% intensity, using your skills- and teamwork- to puzzle your way out, with the added pressure of the clock ticking down.

The undeniable adrenaline rush, plus the thrills of challenge, satisfaction, and bonding with your team-mates, has seen the popularity of escape rooms explode across the world. As every room is different, you can experience a totally unique adventure every week of the year- and many do. So let’s push open the door and see what’s inside…

What am I Likely to Find in an Escape Room?

You and your team meet in a themed room and have a set time, usually an hour, to complete a mission and ‘escape’ the room. A successful escape will require you to uncover hidden clues, crack tough codes, and solve challenging puzzles, which may be mental or physical. Each discovery and “aha!” moment brings you closer to completing the mission- although look out of false trails and dead ends!

Your goal might be literally escaping something like a prison cell, crashed submarine, or locked room in a ghostly mansion. In other cases, the ‘escape’ is more mission-oriented, which may entail finding lost gold, completing a secret scientific formula in a laboratory under zombie siege, or launching a spacecraft from a doomed planet about to explode.

With ever-increasing technology available, escape rooms can create any time, theme and genre- many are based on popular film and videogame franchises. So whether historical, futuristic, literary, surreal or physical floats your boat, you’ll find it- including escape rooms set on a boat!


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