Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) gaming at specially constructed, high-tech centres is the hottest ticket in immersive, interactive game-play. With top of the range wireless technology, it’s in another dimension to home gaming, even home VR, enabling teams to explore, roam and play together in the physical and virtual worlds at the same time.

At the forefront of the latest technology, Meetspace VR is a video game entertainment centre that brings the best virtual reality experiences under one roof. With three venues, based in Nottingham, Birmingham, and London Wembley, each urban VR theme park takes you out of this world and into a choice of many others, where your body is the controller and your mind believes it is real.

Turning Dreams into Reality

For early adopters, trying out early VR headsets, followed by smartphone adaptors, at home, making it an essentially solo experience, exploring familiar or fantasy landscapes in stunning detail. This was followed by VR gaming, with major companies developing game systems that enabled players to compete or work in teams virtually worldwide, all sharing the same in-play landscapes and scenarios.

Modern techniques like Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality increasingly merge the real and virtual worlds, blending what the user sees around them with digital content, enabling physical and digital objects to co-exist and interact in real-time. This has proved a real game-changer for the gaming industry, as well as applications for remote teaching, practicing sensitive engineering and surgical skills, and even being used to combat diseases like Alzheimer’s and stroke recovery.

Light Years Ahead

With today’s innovations in technology, VR has broken out of the living room and into the arena, enabling game zones across the country to take the experience into exciting new dimensions. Among the many benefits of interactive VR gaming is access to the latest equipment that tech companies spent billions of dollars developing, untethered by cables and unlimited by buffering home wifi.

Book in with a bunch of friends and immerse yourselves in a thrilling VR adventure. Roaming games allow you to interact with your team-mates and surroundings on a physical level, combined with fellow players and adventures not just across the world, but out of it, too. 4D simulators allow gamers to walk, climb, explore, and fly through virtual worlds, or turn traditional escape room scenarios into heart-thumping countdowns.

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Virtual Reality Centres in the UK


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Age Appropriate

Activity Setting

DNA VR - Camden

Camden (London )
  • Activities & Days Out

DNA VR - Hammersmith

Hammersmith (London)
  • Activities & Days Out

Trapped Escape Rooms

Charlton (London)
  • Activities & Days Out

MeetspaceVR London

Wembley (London)
  • Activities & Days Out

Vertigo VR

Milton Keynes (Buckinghamshire)
  • Activities & Days Out

Meetspace VR Reading

Reading (Berkshire)
  • Activities & Days Out


Hastings (East Sussex)
  • Water Activities

Player Ready Virtual Reality Portsmouth (VR)

Portsmouth (Hampshire)
  • Activities & Days Out

ViRAL Entertainment

Corby (Northamptonshire)
  • Activities & Days Out

Centre VR

Bournemouth (Dorset)
  • Activities & Days Out

Matrix Virtual Reality Arcade

Gibb Street (Birmingham)
  • Activities & Days Out

MeetspaceVR Birmingham

Birmingham (West Midlands)
  • Activities & Days Out

Immotion VR Bristol

Bristol (Gloucestershire)
  • Activities & Days Out

MeetspaceVR Nottingham

Nottingham (Nottinghamshire)
  • Activities & Days Out

Skegness Pier

Skegness (Lincolnshire)
  • Activities & Days Out
  • Combat & Targets

Tension Twisted Realities

Lincoln (Lincolnshire)
  • Activities & Days Out

Grand Pier

Weston-Super-Mare (Somerset)
  • Activities & Days Out
  • Motor Activities

Immotion VR Cardiff

Cardiff (Glamorgan)
  • Activities & Days Out

Player Ready Virtual Reality Taunton (VR)

Taunton (Somerset)
  • Activities & Days Out

XP-VR Virtual Reality Experience

Stoke-on-Trent (Staffordshire)
  • Activities & Days Out