Why choose Let's Go Out

We understand the importance of driving more traffic to your website to help you fill your diary with more bookings than your competitors. As in today's world, everyone has so many choices when deciding on what to do and where to go with their friends and family. It can be difficult to make the decision to come to your venue where they have never been before, or just go back to the old familiar venue they have been going to for years. Habit is one of the hardest things to change.

This is one of the main reasons for designing our website to be simple and easy for everyone in the UK to find activities and days out at the click of a button. And why we have been called "The Just Eat For Activities"

What is Let's Go Out

We have designed our website and packages with both your venue and the customer in mind. We want to have an easy and simple to use website that includes all of the activities and days out across the UK. We also want to be one of the first to have ZERO adverts anywhere on our website. We understand from both a customer and a venue point of view that flashing adverts are never great and distract the customer anyway from the real call to action. At Let's Go Out we are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience.

We understand the importance of making your venue look its best on our website. First impressions do count and people will either choose to stay on your venue page and our website within a matter of seconds or to go elsewhere. The better we can make the customer experience and the better we can together make your venue stand out the better it is for us all. This is just one of the main reasons we have decided to have no flashing adverts, and also to give each venue the choice of our 3 different listing options below so that you can decide what if the best listing for you at any time of the year.

  • Standard Listing
  • Premium Listing 
  • Exclusive Listing

Also to help you stand out in a competitive market we will only allow a maximum of 3 of the same activities to upgrade to either our Premium or Exclusive listing within your location, the reason for this is that we want to give you great value for money, but also to give the customer a wide range of activities and not just for all of the same activities to upgrade to one of our upgraded listings.

The great news is if all of the upgraded places have gone then you can go on to a waiting list, just let one of our team know and we will be happy to let you know as soon as one of the upgraded places comes available again.

If you would like to get set up on Let's Go Out for your days out and activities, just complete the form below, and one of our team will be in contact with you. Also don't forget to read our FAQ's at the bottom of this page, as this should answer a lot of your questions.

What our customers have to say.

"Let’s Go Out offer a great service. They provide great listing pages to advertising my activities, making it easier for potential customers to find my business. They are very professional, friendly and offer many services such as marketing consultancy, copywriting and promotional materials. We are also working on helping them promote their own event days through our activity centre, which is going to help drive business though Avalanche Adventure. These guys have a great fresh way of advertising businesses like mine, not your standard advertising website!"

    "Here at Curious About, we have found it a pleasure to work with Jon & Let’s Go Out. They are responsive, personal, and helpful. The process & costs of setting up & amending activities is transparent and clear (no hidden costs), and the site is well designed and largely advert free"

    Standard Premium Exclusive
    Monthly Cost per Venue
    (Direct Debit)
    - £27 £97
    Monthly Cost per Venue with Live Integrated Booking Link
    (Direct Debit)
    - £17 £77
    Minimum Contract - 3 Months 3 Months
    Integrable Booking System Yes Yes Yes
    Paid Advertising Campaign to Drive Traffic to your page No Yes Yes
    Monthly Social Media Post No Yes Yes
    Banner advert displayed on free listing to promote you within 20-miles radius No Yes Yes
    No banner adverts displayed on your venue page to promote other venues No Yes Yes
    Book Now button included on your venue page and activities No Yes Yes
    Priority Position on Results Page Standard Listing Promoted Listing Promoted Listing
    Maximum Number of Listings per Sector Unlimited 3 3
    LGO account manager to manager your listing No No Yes
    Login details to edit your listing/s Yes
    Dedicated venue page for all of your activities in one place Yes
    Upload your own Images / YouTube Videos 9 Images / 8 YouTube Videos
    List your Facilities Yes
    Include your contact details, and website link Yes
    Google Maps included Yes
    Include your social media links Yes
    Optional extras Standard Premium Exclusive
    500 Word Article for your Venue, which is then posted on our website, and all of our Social media channels £199 1 Free Article 1 Free Article
    1 Post included within our Monthly Newsletter £99 1 Free Post 1 Free Post
    1 Social media Post across all of our social media channels £99 1 Free Post 1 Free Post

    I'm Interested, Let's Go!


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

    How fast will I see an improvement in traffic and customers?

    We get a lot of traffic at Let’s Go Out which is always increasing, which makes it even more important for you to spend the time to keep your standard or premium listing updated throughout the year with all of your latest information, images, YouTube videos, plus much more, as your listing and the traffic you get from Let's Go Out will depend on you keeping your listing updated.

    We do also offer an Exclusive listing where are team will keep your venue updated for you throughout the year, as well as making sure all of your contact listed is SEO.

    How quickly will my page be live?

    Once we receive your request to get your account set up, one of our team will contact you to get all of the information set up for you and to also get you and your team set up with your own login details so that you can login to keep your information updated throughout the year, We ask you to please allow up to 24 hours to get you set up with your new account between Monday & Friday.

    How easy is it to change and update our information?

    It’s all very easy as once your new account is set up for you we will get you and your team set up with your own login details so that you can login whenever you want to keep your information updated, which will all help you stand out with your new images/YouTube videos, and to also update your opening times as the season's change. If you’re a technophobe or there is just not enough hours in the day, then one of our team can do all of this for you, please see our packages for more information.

    How to make the most of my page?

    We have designed Let’s Go Out with your venue in mind so that you can login whenever you want, this way you are in full control of your listing/s and you can keep your information updated when suits you. The best way to make the most of your listings is to login once we first get you set you up with your login details to check the information we have created for you, plus to fill in any additional information. You can also upload any new images and YouTube videos to make your listing stand out from the others that have not taken the time to do this.

    Will someone mange my page for me?

    We ask you to keep your listing/s updated yourself for both our Standard & Premium packages. If you decide you would like one of our team to keep your listings and details updated for you throughout the year, take a look at our Exclusive package where we will give you your own Let's Go Out account manager who will keep everything updated for you, as well as dealing with making sure your listings our all SEO, and to also help you with dealing with any other details or information for your details listed.

    How can I pay for my listing?

    We ask everyone to pay with a monthly direct debit which is set up with GoCardless, the reason for this is that this helps to save us both time and allows us time to focus on growing Let's Go Out and drive even more traffic to your venue, also by everyone paying with a monthly direct debit this allows us to keep our prices low. Once you are all set up with either our Premium or Exclusive package we will send you a monthly invoice for your records and then collect the payment with GoCardless which can be cancelled at any time after the first 3 months.

    Can I freeze my page for off season?

    We believe in putting you in full control of your listing/s, which is one of the main reasons for setting you up with your own login details so that you can access your listing whenever you want to make any changes and even hide or upgrade your listings, as this makes a great experience for you and also the customer.

    Is my page limited to how any clicks it gets?

    Absolutely not, it doesn’t matter which package you choose for your listing, you will always appear in the results for the customer to find your venue and activities within distance first if you want to appear at the top of the results within your city to get even more venues, take a look at either our Premium or Exclusive packages.

    Can you run my advertising / marketing campaign?

    Yes, at Let's Go Out we can now offer a whole host of additional services for your own website/business, this covers everything from the below, plus more, so if you have a requirement that you need some help with then let us know, those services are available to all 3 of our different package (Standard, Premium and Exclusive).

    • Facebook Marketing
    • SEO services for your own website
    • Website redesign
    • Marketing & Branded products (Products, Clothing & Print)
    • Artwork & Illustrations
    • Copywriting

    For more information contact our team at info@LetsGoOut.co.uk

    How often can I update my listing page?

    We understand the importance for you and your team to be able to login to update your information and images displayed on Let’s Go Out, so we will get you and your team all set up with login details so that you can all login as often as you want at no extra cost to keep your listings updated. We can also set each team member up with access to all of your venues or just the 1 and everything in between to give you full control.

    Is it easy to add and remove activities to my listings?

    Once we have set up your login details for you will be able to access your listing/s at any time to make any changes you need including adding new locations and activities, and also hiding or deleting your venues and activities, but please keep in mind that if you decide to delete one of your venues or activities, then once they have gone, they have gone, and you will need to load them again right from the start. We recommend that you just hide your activities unless you are 100% that they can be deleted.

    How do I cancel if I’m not satisfied with my listing?

    We like to keep everything very simple, so if you wanted to cancel your listing on Let’s Go Out at any time all we ask you to do is to send us an email so that we can arrange for the full account to be removed for you. If you have any questions with regards to your listing on our website, please email our team at info@LetsGoOut.co.uk.

    What offer services can I get with my listing?

    We can offer you a full range of services at Let’s Go Out as well as offering 3 different affordable packages to display your activity or day out on our website, we can also help you with all of the below, plus much more.

    • Facebook Marketing
    • SEO services for your own website
    • Website design
    • Branded and Marketing Products (Products, Clothing & Print)
    • Artwork & Illustrations
    • Copywriting

    If you have any requirements, please let us know at info@LetsGoOut.co.uk

    What are the different packages available?

    We have 3 different listing options available to suit your budget and marketing requirements.

    Standard Listing

    This is our free listing, you are able to remain on our free listing for as long as you want as there is no expiry date, the reason for this listing is that we want to be able to offer a listing option to suit everyone's budget, plus to list all of the days out and activity within the UK, with this listing even that it's free we give you all of the below.

    • Your own dedicated venue page with no flashing adverts
    • Load up to 9 images or 8 YouTube videos
    • List your contact details, website link, opening times, and also your facilities
    • Google map to show your location
    • List all of your social media links
    • Login details for you and all of your team

    Premium Package

    This is one of our paid listings with this listing you get all of the above, plus much much more, which we have listed below.

    • Appear at top of the results within a 30-mile radius from your venue
    • Maximum of 3 of the same activities allowed to upgrade
    • 1 Article for your upgraded venue written by our copywriter and posted on our website and social media channels (Value: £199)
    • 1 Post for your upgraded venue included in our monthly newsletter (Value: £99)
    • 1 Social media post for your upgraded venue posted across our social media platforms (value: £99)

    Exclusive package

    Our exclusive package is our hands-free package as you will get your own contact within our team, who will do all of the below for you, plus you will also get all of the above from our Standard and Premium package.

    We will keep all of your activities updated for your upgraded venue, including the below.

    • SEO for all of your Descriptions
    • Review updated to improve your traffic and clicks on Let's Go Out
    • New images and YouTube videos updated
    • Opening times updated to your season

    What area does Let’s Go Out cover?

    We have designed Let’s Go Out as a national website for the UK to cover all activities and days out with a very simple and easy-to-use search option. All the customer needs to do is enter their postcode or location, and our website will then display them with the activities and days out we have set up on our systems, the results will be displayed with our premium & premium plus packages at the top, and then followed by the free basic in distance order.

    Why should I use Let’s Go Out to display my activities and days out?

    We are a national website for all activities and days out, plus we have created 3 different packages to suit all marketing requirements and budgets, plus our 2 premium packages find that they get up to 40% more clicks than our free basic listings. We also create new articles every week on different subjects to create more interest and visitors to our website to continue to grow our audience.