Paintball in the UK

At this time of year it’s more important than ever to get outside, and enjoy the summer months, and get active. Paintball is the perfect choice of activity to get you out in the fresh air, and you’re spoilt for choice for places to go in the UK.

Paintball Venues Near Me I hear you ask, as paintball is now one of Britain’s favourite outdoor activities, with hundreds of games being held every weekend across the country.

Test your mind and body

Paintball is not only an adrenaline-filled adventure, it tests your mental agility too. You can get as involved in the tactics and strategy as you like, for example in ‘capture the flag’ games. But whatever type of paintball game you play, you need to keep your senses sharp and use your best judgment to avoid getting shot!

Fun in the fresh air

Paintball is one of the few sports that you can play in most types of weather, which is great for a nation as prone to rain as the UK! Experts have long agreed on the importance of getting outside in the fresh air for our mental and physical health, and what better way to enjoy those benefits than playing paintball with your friends?

No two games are the same

There are also different ways to handle a player that’s been shot: that could mean an elimination, or you could allow them to ‘respawn’ or give a set amount of lives.

More enjoyable than the gym

Most people don’t play paintball to keep fit, they do it because it’s a great day out. But running around a paintball game for a few hours is equivalent to a full-on workout in the gym, with the added bonus that you’ll be having so much fun, you won’t even realise that it’s exercise!

Boost your mood

We’re no experts but we know two things for sure – spending time with your mates and getting active are two guaranteed ways to boost your mood. Playing a strategic sport like paintball also boosts your self-confidence, encourages teamwork and helps improve your focus. Finishing a game, even if you’re not on the winning side, gives you a great sense of achievement. You don’t get that from staying indoors in front of the telly!

So now you know why the Let’s Go Out team loves paintball so much, you’re probably thinking ‘sounds great - where can I find paintball near me’?

Luckily for you we have created a website ( that will help you to find all of the different Paintball venues around the UK, so that you can find a Paintball venue near to you. Or why not plan a weekend away and go paintball somewhere totally new

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