Go Karting in the UK

Go-karts have been around in various forms for decades, with the simplest ‘soap box derby’ cars relying purely on gravity to get them down the hill!

Of course, technology has come a long way since then, with souped-up Superkarts that can even beat a motorbike on long circuits. These days you’ll find karts with four-stroke engines as well as the classic electrically powered karts, so there’s plenty for the discerning go-karter to choose from. The great thing about go-karting is you can find venues all over the UK, from funky refurbished warehouses in city centres to outdoor tracks where you can feel the wind in your hair.

Indoors or outdoors? 

If you’re new to go-karting, we recommend starting at one of the many indoor go kart racing venues in the UK. Aside from the obvious all-weather advantages, indoor tracks tend to have more safety features and smaller tracks equal slower racing speeds than outdoor ones. For more experienced go-karters, outdoor tracks are great fun! The tracks themselves are longer and wider on average, which allows for more opportunities to overtake your fellow drivers. If you’re not afraid to get your waterproofs on and get to grips with more challenging driving conditions, outdoor tracks are the place to be.

Thrills for the whole family

Go karting is a great day out for the whole family – most venues have a minimum age limit of 12 for the adult races, and often have junior tracks aimed specifically at children, with slower and smaller karts. The average minimum age for these tracks is 8, but there can be size restrictions in some places. Getting in a go kart really encourages a healthy competitive streak – there’s nothing like racing around a track with your friends and family and trying to beat each other to the finish line!

Quick and Easy to Learn

You don’t need a driving license to get in a go kart, and as there’s no gears you don’t need to have the best coordination either. All you have to worry about is the accelerator, break and of course the steering wheel. It’s so easy to learn and only takes a couple of laps around the track to get used to the kart and how to corner. And with speeds of up to 40mph, go karting will definitely satisfy the thrill-seeker in you!

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