Sherlock: The Game Is Now

Published on: 12/11/21

There’s something about the crisp, cold days and dark nights which makes it perfect for a bit of amateur sleuthing. As the autumn mists swirl around the city streets, who knows what dark deeds are being plotted in secluded Victorian alleyways?

Back on after 2020’s hiatus, it’s being reported that sales of ‘host a murder’ games are already on the rise in the lead-up to Christmas. However, there’s nothing like putting yourselves in the hands of the professionals for the full immersive experience, which is exactly what the team at Sherlock: The Game is Now promise.

An Experience that is Far From Elementary, my dear Watson

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Brought to you by hit BBC Sherlock TV series creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, this is the official Sherlock Live Game, setting it head, shoulders and deerstalker above others. A 100-minute immersive escape experience for teams of 2-6 people, the scenarios also feature originally-filmed content from the stars of the show including Benedict Cumberbatch, Andrew Scott, Martin Freeman and more.

Pick up your pipe and dive into an all-new mystery set in the world of Sherlock, working together as a team to solve mysteries and puzzles before time runs out. Have you got what it takes to step into the shoes of the great detective? Winning multiple 5-star reviews for its brilliant in-character staff and supporting cast, the fiendish puzzles will deceive and delight the most determined amateur detective.

Designed for 2 players upwards, if your party is smaller than 4 players, you will be offered the opportunity to group with other teams, combining your wits to solve the fiendish puzzles and making new friends along the way. Or if you want to tackle the mind-twisting mysteries exclusively with your group, you can book a Private Experience.

Raise a Glass to Deceit and Detection

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To make your visit extra-memorable, why not add on a Moriaty-tastic VIP upgrade, including a delicious 221b Cocktail in the venue’s secret speakeasy, The Mind Palace, plus an official The Network badge at the end of your adventure.

Not that this reflects our partialities, but we’re thirsting after a full-on session in the Mind Palace, where you can sip from a range of delicious Sherlock inspired cocktails, browse mementoes and artefacts from famous Sherlock casefiles, while you test out your refreshed powers of deduction, with mini-games like the Prison Escape Simulator, or Nuclear Deactivation Simulator.

You can even book for your own exclusive immersive cocktail mystery experience to die for. Can you defeat the maniacal mind of Sebastian Moran, Moriarty’s right-hand man, crack the case, find the ingredients and make the perfect cocktail? With four cases to solve along the way, succeed and drink to your success; fail and this mistake may be your last.

Or be seduced by Sherlock’s Boozy Afternoon Tea, trying to maintain team focus to crack a fiendish mystery while enjoying tasty homemade treats like cream cheese, salmon pretzels, hazelnut choux buns, cupcakes, lemon tarts and of course scones served with clotted cream and jam. Be warned; the bottomless glasses of prosecco included might dull your powers of deduction somewhat!

Detecting Beyond the Doors of 221b

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If you’re thinking “I want to play, but I’m nowhere near the smog-bound streets of Sherlock’s London”, it elementary to join in! The official experience has expanded into three new outdoor live-play games in Bristol, Liverpool and Canterbury.

Book in and play at a time that suits you, taking on a mission across either city, finding key evidence and uncovering clues to help Sherlock solve the mystery. You’ll be helped along your journey with content from the cast of the hit BBC show, including videos, voicemails and texts. The game also includes a pre-recorded video briefing and a debrief scorecard email after the event.

If not even the Red Hand Gang could stir you from the comforts of your sofa, the Mind Palace’s Cocktail Experience has been especially adapted to bring the immersive Sherlock cocktail experience directly to your doorstep. With the great detective gone AWOL, it’s up to you to crack the case, solve the puzzles, and earn your reward of a delicious selection of cocktails, delivered to your door (booking in advance required!).

As Sherlock himself (should have) said: “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be a great gaming experience!”

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