The Original Nottingham Ghost Walk

Published on: 16/10/19

If you’re looking for something different to do around the East Midlands this Halloween, why not join in on one of The Original Nottingham Ghost Walks? You’ll find out loads of spooky secrets about the historic city on a walking tour given by expert local storytellers - and who knows what supernatural sights will reveal themselves on All Hallow’s Eve!

The Original Nottingham Ghost Walk was established back in 1993 by a local psychic medium, Jenny Bright and her husband Dr David Cross. They had researched the grisly past of this city famous for the legend of Robin Hood and a castle that dates back to the 10th century, and realised it was the perfect place for a ghost walk.

The walks are now a mainstay of the city’s tourism scene and entertain thousands of visitors a year. You can either book in advance for a private tour if you want to go with a group of people, or just turn up on any Saturday throughout the year. During the summer season (July to September) they also put on a Wednesday night tour. Personally, we think it’s far more atmospheric to walk til the dark and spooky evenings around this time of year!

The tour kicks off in the iconic Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem pub; an ancient inn carved into the stone cliffs under Nottingham’s historic castle. Apparently, it’s the oldest Inn in England, so it’s not surprising that patrons have reported sighting ghosts here! Find out more about the cellars that were used as prison cells and the haunted snug on the tour.

Once you’ve met your tour hosts and other members of the group, you’ll set off on a gentle stroll around the Castle Quarter of the city for about half a mile. You’ll find out what lurks beneath the streets of Maid Marian Way and what went on behind the walls of the great castle during the reign of King Edward II.

Your walking hosts will get you in the mood with their fantastically eccentric outfits, and they also lighten the mood with jokes and funny stories. The Original Nottingham Ghost Walk has now evolved into a family business, with the daughter of one of the story tellers joining the team to become the youngest ‘ghost walker’ in the country!

During the Halloween season The Original Nottingham Ghost Walk are extending their usual program to seven ghost walks from Saturday 26th October to Saturday 2nd November. As you’d expect, this is the busiest time of year for them, so they advise to book in advance. It’s worth bearing in mind that the walks continue whatever the weather, just make sure you check the forecast ahead of time and wear appropriate clothing! The walks are great value and they offer discounts for groups of two adults and two children.

So, if you’re feeling brave, the ghost walks are a great way to see a different side of historic Nottingham. Whether you’re a visitor or someone that’s lived there for years, you’ll find out something new!

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