The Jack the Ripper Tour, London

Published on: 14/01/22

Over the 125-plus years since the Ripper murders, there have been endless theories speculating who the killer was, why he committed the crimes and who else may have been in on it. Voted Number One tour in London, the Jack The Ripper Tour with RIPPER-VISION™ is world-famous and regarded as the best Ripper tour in London.

Sorting the Facts from the Fiction

It’s a fear-curdling name everyone knows, but how much do you really know? This tour sorts the historical facts from the hysterical fiction, detailing what we know happened on each fateful night from all the evidence to hand, collected over the centuries.

Consistently voted the number one Jack the Ripper tour in London, this company are the first choice for locals and tourists alike. Using only expert researchers and authors means that you are always guaranteed to be walking with the best.

Through this tour’s unique imagery, you will be shown each victim and how they were found along with other crucial pieces of evidence- some of which were controversially disregarded by the police. Provided with all the facts and some of the many theories- including the unbelievable and outlandish!- it will be up to you to draw your own conclusions. With this incentive, could you be the one to solve one of the world's most unsolvable cases and unmask the ‘real’ Jack the Ripper?

Walking Back Through Time

Evening tours begin at a designated meeting point in Whitechapel, east London. You’ll receive an introduction to Jack the Ripper, the serial killer who terrorized the East End in the late 19th century, from your guide as you follow in the footsteps of ‘Jack’ and his victims. Walking the very route that Jack the Ripper would have taken, you’ll be transported back to a time of gaslight and fog, a time of poverty, disease and silent footsteps in the shadows as the Ripper hunted his victims.

Visit the murder scenes of Jack the Ripper victims, many of whom were young women, and marvel at projections that depict Victorian London. Learn about Jack the Ripper suspects and visit traditional East End pubs likely to have been frequented by the serial killer. The tour ends in time for a few drinks in the Victorian pub which once served the victims- and perhaps even Jack himself- if that takes your fancy (or you need something to steady your nerves!)

Private tours are also available, exclusively tailored to you and your group, including your choice of start time and location, plus your very own dedicated expert Jack the Ripper tour guide. A private tour means you can call into your choice of the Victorian pubs associated with Jack the Ripper and his victims are along the way for a swift half and review of the fact, the only tour company in London offering this extra special treat! A truly unique experience and a completely personalised Jack the Ripper tour- what could be spookier?

Technology Transporting you back to the Victorian Streets 

Unlike other tours, your guide uses handheld projectors to accompany spine-chilling tales of the murders committed by Jack the Ripper in the 1800s. As you explore the dimly lit back streets of Whitechapel, images of historic London are projected onto buildings to guarantee a highly atmospheric experience. Ripper-Vision brings top class images to leave you with an everlasting immersive experience, taking you fully into the beating heart of Victorian London.

An expert Ripperologist will lead you around the streets that once played centre stage to the world’s most notorious serial killer. London has changed over the years, but the city’s dark history embodied by Jack the Ripper will never be forgotten. Ripper-Vision provides an element not available on any other tour, overlaying the familiar streets and landmarks with evocative imagery that the Ripper, his victims, and the spellbound public of the day would have been accustomed.

Before you depart, Ripper-Vision will uncover the face of the man the police should have been looking for, based on eye-witness reports and modern-day criminal profiling technology. Dare you go face-to-face with the Ripper?

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