Indoor Skydiving

Published on: 15/01/19

The phrase ‘indoor skydiving’ might sound like a contradiction in terms, but it’s fast becoming a favourite weekend pastime amongst thrill seekers. It’s easy to understand the appeal – you get to experience the same sensation of jumping out of a plane at 12,000 feet, but without the hassle and expense of an actual skydive. Using a Vertical Wind Tunnel that generates winds of up to 120mph, you can essentially ‘float’ in mid-air (although don’t be fooled by the word float – this activity can actually be quite tough on your neck and back!). As you’re only ever a few feet off the ground it’s ideal for anyone who’s afraid of heights but still wants to experience the feeling of freefall.

So where can you give indoor skydiving a go in the UK? Here are our top picks:

Manchester Indoor Skydiving

iFly Manchester is based at the Trafford Centre in Manchester, boasts one of the larger wind tunnels at 4.3m diameter. If it’s your first-time indoor skydiving, there will be two instructors to help you make the most of your flying experience. They also capture your flight on high-definition cameras, so you can keep the memories forever! iFly have also got skydiving venues in Basingstoke and Milton Keynes.

London Indoor Skydiving

North London Skydiving operates out of Chatteris Airfield (technically in Cambridgeshire) and is the only skydiving centre to have a freefall simulator onsite. If you’ve already tried skydiving but want to hone your skills, this centre offers great value.

Twinwoods Adventure is based in Bedford and offers some great packages for indoor skydiving. You can even fly side by side with a friend! The state-of-the-art wind tunnels are often used by professional skydivers to practice their skills, and Daniel Craig (James Bond himself) went through hours of training there in preparation for Quantum of Solace – some of the footage even made it into the film!

Milton Keynes Indoor Skydiving

The indoor skydiving specialists iFly also have a venue in Milton Keynes, where you take the experience to the next level with virtual reality goggles! The 360-degree virtual reality technology makes you feel like you really are jumping out of a plane, and you can choose from a variety of landscapes such as California or Hawaii. iFly are proud to cater to visitors of all abilities and are totally wheelchair-friendly. They can also cater to kids from as young as 3 years old, up to big kids of any age!

Northern Ireland Indoor Skydiving

If you’re planning a trip to the recently rejuvenated Titanic Quarter in Belfast, why not take time for some indoor skydiving?

We Are Vertigo is the only indoor skydiving venue in Ireland, and unlike free-falling from a plane which only lasts around a minute, you can enjoy a similar experience but for twice as long! You can even ‘fly’ for up to six minutes once you’ve got a taste for it. They offer packages for parties and groups too. Whichever location or venue you choose, you’ll be floating on air when you try indoor skydiving!

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