House of Holes Crazy Golf

Published on: 11/07/23

We love a bit of golf, but with a handicap approaching triple figures, we admit we’re better off watching the Masters on TV, where the qualifications for our criticism don’t need to be proved! Lowering the sporting pressure and upping the laughs, we love a round of Crazy Golf even more; but what to do when we’re not beside the seaside, or don’t want to be embarrassed by five year olds beating us hands down at the windmill?

Look no further! House of Holes is Derby's very own “Adult” crazy golf venue. Handily located in the city centre, it boasts 18 show-stopping individually designed holes. With no shortage of fun things to spot, you’ll find some crazy golf favourites, such as the chicken coop hole. Taking advantage of their indoor location, clever designs create immersive scenarios, including retro bowling alleys, skateboarding, mannequin-staffed aeroplanes, even underwater. Seductively dark settings with contrasting bright neon and ultraviolet light displays make it feel like you’re heading out on a Saturday night, whenever you visit- make no mistake, this is a long way from Bognor seafront! After that, the over-18 themes get even wilder- but you’re going to have to discover that for yourselves!

Party-Putting Venue

A fixture on the Derby party scene since opening in 2019, House of Holes’ co-owners Simon Liu and Daniel Doctzan knew they wanted to create an informal social and party atmosphere, where your group can take it from relaxed to wild, and anywhere in between. Open afternoons till late 7 days a week, mix and match your round with a host of other activities and entertainments- or even miss out the golf altogether!

Situated in a 140-year-old heritage building, previously home to the Grand Theatre and a historic ballroom, the previously derelict nightclub was brought back to life with careful restoration. Memorabilia including old advertising signs and a 50+ year old guitar, left behind from the gigs previously held there, have been incorporated into the décor.

A relaxed place for socialising with mates, and getting to make new friends, there’s lots of comfy seating areas and places to cheer on other groups’ endeavours. Table tennis, pool and arcade games like Street Fighter are included for anyone to play, and there’s tasty street food with a twist on the menu. Live DJs create a fantastic atmosphere with top tunes and beats, perfect for relaxing at the two bars serving a wide range of cocktails, mocktails, shooters and bombs. Deliciously distracting, we can’t guarantee your putting will improve after a couple of Strawberry Tequila Sunrises or Banana Rumtinis!

A brilliant place to break the ice on a first date, getting to know your colleagues better during a works event, celebrate your best friend’s forthcoming wedding, or just relax and hang out with a bunch of mates. You can also go exclusive by booking a VIP booth, with plenty of Bud or Prosecco. Getting a group together? The whole balcony can be yours.

Mix It Up

House of Holes know it’s the people that make a party, and their whole hospitality team have built a massive reputation for creating a friendly, let-your-hair down atmosphere, as a confetti canon of reviews attest. From manager Em to Cat on the cloakroom, and mixmasters Josh and Pete setting the bar alight, they’re there to make it fun, fun, fun all the way (including lending a sneaky hand to score that perfect birdie if you ask nicely!)

In fact, you don’t even have to stay the “customer” side of the bar. Fancy stepping behind the shaker and mastering some fun, delicious (and definitely adult-named!) cocktails? Book a cocktail party with 5+ mates, enjoy a welcome drink on arrival, then get down to the serious work of making- and tasting- your own creations, all guided by the experts. A round of golf is included in the package, but after a hard evening on the cocktail shaker, we fully understand if leaving the barstool seems a long step down.

Strictly for over 18s only- and maybe not somewhere to take Granny House of Holes is a uniquely fun venue that definitely puts the “wahey” into fairway!

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