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Published on: 10/10/21

Half term is approaching, and with lots of people back to the office, and school returning to the classroom, we’re sure we’re not the only ones leaping to let off some steam. Luckily, Go Ape centres are the perfect place to monkey about a bit! With 35 Covid-secure locations open across the country, every Go Ape experience is one of a kind. The exhilarating heights and exercise will certainly take your breath away, but so will the stunning landscapes, historic backdrops and brilliant views, from spectacular treetop vantage vistas to famous city skylines.

A Natural High

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Leap right in with what Go Ape has become famous for, the big one: the highest, most exhilarating Tree Top Trek Adventure. Every site is different, and that’s the fun; all combine canopy-skimming thrills, white-knuckle high-wire walks, and plunging zip-wires to guide you back to earth, all making up a totally enthralling adventure of physical workout and mental concentration.

This is not a one-off, blink-and-you’ve-missed it ride, it’s one to three hours up in the trees, learning new skills, testing the abilities of your body, mind, and spirit, and of course challenging your mates and family. All under the care of experienced, friendly staff, every safety feature is engaged and double-checked for you, so nothing is actually at risk, safety-wise (just try telling that to your racing pulse; it doesn’t feel one heartbeat less than thrilling!)

A mecca for thrill seekers who love swinging through the canopy on hundred-foot and more high tree-to-trees crossings, free-fall swings, and riding super-fast, hundreds of metres long zip wires, this is grown-up fun in the great outdoors. You’ll find a range of individual thrills at Go Ape’s different sites, including new Tarzan Swings, optional daredevil ‘black run’ crossings, zip-trekking forest traverses, and Alpine zipwires linking tree to tree- before heading for ground zero!

Plenty for Mini-Tarzans and Ground-Lovers too

Check out all of the Go Ape venues

It’s not all about the Great Apes, Little Monkeys in the family are catered for too. Too small for the adult course? There’s specially-designed thrills aplenty on Tree Top Junior Adventure courses. Or take a safe step upwards with Nets Adventure, tree top bouncy nets 30 feet above the forest floor, with inflatable balls to up the bounce factor and super slides to bring you back down to earth in style.

And while many love the thrill of stepping out of their comfort zone, of course no-one’s forced to confront a fear of heights, this is all about enjoyment, and there’s plenty to choose from. Divide onto different adventures, or join together after the thrill-seekers have conquered the heights, getting off the beaten track with a down-to-earth twist with Go Ape Forest Segway. Or jump aboard the Skateboard Zip, take the Mini Land Rovers Challenge, or even try your hand at speed climbing or Axe Throwing at some locations!

Situated in some of the most beautiful wood and parkland locations across Britain, many Go Ape centres also partner with woodland play, outdoor gyms, forest and mountain biking trails, swimming facilities, and climbing and bouldering centres- not forgetting plenty of options for important refuelling, carb-loading and ice cream, of course!

Great for Groups, Good to Go

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As a Covid-19 Secure business, Go Ape is perfect for welcoming larger groups, perfect for family parties, special occasions, corporate team-bonding, or taking the stag and hen experience to a whole new level! There's never been a better time to maximise getting back out in the great outdoors. Immersion in nature, fresh air, and rustling leaves does wonders for our mental health and wellbeing.

With bespoke full and half day packages available come rain or shine, Go Ape’s event planners are ready to swing into action to make your adventure truly unique. From learning and development days, to social team days out of the office, a treetop setting gives it a fresh new twist.

Go Ape have also built a reputation for helping students overcome both physical and mental challenges, with activity days tailored to suit individual needs and encourage self-esteem, broaden horizons and build self-confidence. Fully-trained staff can advise and assist with special needs requirements, making it a fully inclusive experience for everyone.

Make the Leap!

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With 35 Covid-secure locations across the country, no two Go Ape adventures or locations are the same. Choose from Go Ape’s original Thetford site, centred around 30 miles of bike and walking trails in 50,000 acres of Britain's largest lowland pine forest, or hillside drama at Hawkshead, in the heart of the stunning Lake District.

True daredevils, reach for the heights at Go Ape Aberfoyle, in glorious Loch Lomond, and home to two of Britain's longest zip wires, each stretching over 400m across a 90-foot waterfall. Or keep it urban, with Go Apes like Alexandra Palace and Battersea providing accessible thrills against a backdrop of London’s iconic skyscrapers, landmarks and skylines.

Not limited to summer, either- who doesn’t love the feeling of zipping through the sharp autumn air, with the reward of frost-dusted forest views and a warm cuppa at the end? So get ready to kickstart your big forest adventure, and give your tribe something to look forward to.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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We have also put together a list of frequently asked questions at the link below, which include some Top Tips and Did you know information, which you can use to show off with your friends and family

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