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Published on: 02/01/23

London is an amazing, vibrant city, with plenty for every season. But we have a sneaking fondness for it in the colder months. With a wealth of indoor attractions, from world-famous historical and awe-inspiring buildings to equally famous shopping and eating, as dusk falls, the capital really comes alive with sparkling lights.

With such a wealth of options, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. So we’ve been checking out a truly idiosyncratic and individual walking tour company, who will introduce you to a handpicked selection of London’s charms. Whether you’re after a first-time taster tour, or wanting to dip deeper into its eventful past and shady secrets, get ready to be spoiled for choice….

Taking the Fun Tour

Fun London Tours are a small friendly group of London tour guides, offering unique walks lovingly crafted with the intention of showing off London in all its glory. Their small-group or private tours are both family and purse-friendly, entertaining as well as enlightening, and garner consistently great reviews.

One of the few genuinely independent small tour companies in London, means they are able to provide a real personal touch, genuinely caring about making your stay in London truly memorable. Walks are created and led by accredited, knowledgeable, approachable and friendly full time professional guides, who pepper their tours with humour and innovation. So as well as learning the incredible history of this great city, you’re guaranteed a great, fun time (it’s even in the name!)

With a wide variety of tours to choose from, groups vary in size from 1 to 20, so no jostling or straining to hear. Suitable for all ages, backgrounds and interests, interpreting the city’s heritage really is Fun London Tours’ passion. So get ready to step into the colour, mystery and magnificence of this great city.

A Taste of Tours on Offer

With so many to choose from, there’s too many tours to detail here! So enjoy whetting your appetite with just some of our favourites, then let your fingers do the walking and follow our links to the Fun London Tours website to discover more!

Hidden London Tour

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London has more than its fair share of strange tales, and on this walk you’ll journey into the depths of the old City, discover extraordinary stories, and explore forgotten alleyways and medieval courtyards. Taking you into the labyrinth of tiny lanes around Fleet Street and Temple, past ancient cloisters and churches, over forgotten rivers and wells, your guide will show you London’s most extraordinary disused tube station, the hidden alleyway with a fascinating link to the newspaper industry, the church which inspired the wedding cake, and the origin of the famous nursery rhyme Oranges and Lemons.

Secret London Tour

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The perfect tour for those who want to dig deeper than the average tourist, and be rewarded with a photo and story that will be the envy of your friends back home. Visiting secret alleyways and ancient pubs, gas lit alleyways, past old pubs and bookshops, you’ll hear of body snatchers and murders, and reveal the unexpected and unseen, like the address where Mozart composed his first symphony, the most superstitious hotel in London, and many more places, each with an incredible story to tell.

Secret Old London Tour

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Taking you further back in time through a city with over 2,000 years of fascinating history, you’ll tread the ancient streets of London, earn what lies beneath your feet, from 14th century Black Death victims, to the perimeter of the Great Fire, to a long lost Roman Amphitheatre. Taking you to some of the most atmospheric locations in London, including Smithfield, home to gruesome executions and an extraordinary late Tudor gatehouse, and ancient back streets surrounding the infamous Old Bailey and the beautiful Charterhouse Square. Stand within the shell of a church destroyed in the Blitz, and be led into the park which displays one of the most touching memorials to heroic self-sacrifice you could possibly imagine.

Bizarre London Tour

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Fancy a walk on the weird side? On this unique tour you’ll discover London’s peculiar historic traditions and bewildering ceremonies. Focusing on the bizarre and weird, your guide will lead you in search of the lady who travelled by zebras, the doctor who fell in love with laxatives, and the prime minister who was a sun god. Definitely straying off the regular tourist trail, you’ll discover London’s oldest and most magical livery hall, walk through the arch which doubled as a resting place for decapitated heads, locate the most legendary stone in London, and even find out where David Hasselhoff drinks!

Private Tours

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If you fancy an exclusive, personalised tour for you and your group, many tours are available to book as private tours, including Churchill and London in World War II, London's Conspiracy Tour, Grime and Punishment Tour. Or the team are happy to devise a unique tour tailored to your group’s delectation; with previous examples including Tube Tours, Harry Potter Walks, Selected London Film Locations, and Royal Walks.

.. and we’ve only scratched the surface! Other tours currently tempting our aching feet include Changing the Guard (which bags you the best position for this magnificent spectacle), Alleyways and Courtyards, Controversial Statues and Monuments, Covent Garden Historic Pub, and the intriguingly-titled Bards, Brothels and Bankside in Shakespeare's London, plus “Liar Liar” tours which include fun interactive quizzes! Definitely time to put our best foot forward!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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