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Published on: 25/09/21

It’s brilliant that mental health and wellbeing has more of a public profile these (hopefully) enlightened days. Feeling free to talk about mental health issues should be as much everyone’s right as dealing with physical issues; sadly there is still stigma in some quarters, and many people still feel unable to seek help in time.

Every year, one in four of us will experience a mental health problem. But hundreds of thousands of people are still struggling. When you're experiencing a mental health problem, supportive and reliable information can change your life. That’s where the good guys come in, mostly charities who rely on public donations to do some amazing work. Let’s Go Out are proud to be sponsoring Football In Mind, a brilliant group of football enthusiasts who have used their love of the game to spread the word and raise lots of cash. First, let’s hear about:

The Good Guys; There to Help

Amazing charities like ‘Mind’ provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. They campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding, believing everyone with a mental health problem should be treated fairly, positively and with respect, and able to access excellent care and services.

Mind believe no one should have to face a mental health problem alone. They’ll listen, give support and advice, and fight your corner. Services including: Infoline, which offers confidential help for the price of a local call, Legal Line, providing information on every aspect of mental health, online resources, high-profile campaigning, workplace training and consultancy, and a network of around 125 local Minds across England and Wales for specialised community support.

In the year 2019-20, Mind’s telephone helplines answered 119,000 calls, and 18 million people accessed online help and resources. Let’s face it, with the last eighteen months everyone’s gone through, their services will have been needed, used, and stretched more than ever. All this, funded on donations alone, of which every £1 donated to Mind, 88p goes directly to their charitable work.

Football In Mind- Bringing It Home!

Football In Mind FC are a charity football team established in 2019 through a group of friends who wanted to help those who are suffering with their mental health. Based in Redditch, Worcestershire, they began raising funds for Mind through their local branch in Birmingham.

They hit the headlines when a 2019 match saw a team of local players take on a team of ex professionals managed by former Aston Villa manager Brian Little. The game raised £4,000, and, importantly, lots of publicity and support for Mind and mental health issues.

During the pandemic they had to put plans for physical events on hold, but have stayed busy building their profile, holding online events and partnering with businesses including Sporty Bits, Awards FC, and us sports-mad Let’s Go Out Sunday League stalwarts, who are very proud to have sponsored the new away kit (don’t get it muddy now, lads!)

Matches and family fun days have now restarted, and the team are planning to spread events out around the country, so they could be coming to a pitch near you. They kicked off the season by participating in an epic 24-hour football match at Aston Villa, which raised a back of-the-net £9,000 for Villa’s mental health programme!

How to Get off the Sidelines, and Join In

Physical health is well known for improving mental health and wellbeing, so what better than a kickabout? If you’re interested in supporting Football In Mind- or even setting up a challenge match with them yourselves- see their Twitter ( and Facebook ( for details of previous and upcoming events, merchandise, fun stuff, and lots of links and updates on mental health issues and support.

You don’t even have to risk a groin strain; partnering with Diamond Show Events, the team are able to bring footballing memorabilia to their events for photo opportunities- so you could have a selfie with the European Cup, and see how long you can fool friends and family into believing you were part of the winning squad!

Through Diamond Show Events, they are also putting together more matches against teams of ex-professionals, who you can also play against yourselves- if you’ve got the balls!

With club shop, official strip and merchandise, there’s lots of ways to show your support for this great cause. For more details or to arrange an event, please contact the team through email or their social media platforms:

Email |
Twitter | @FBIMofficial
Facebook | Football In Mind
Instagram| Footballinmindofficial

Jumpers for goalposts, and thank you!

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