Best Escape Rooms in London

Published on: 27/07/18

It can't have escaped your notice that 'escape room experiences' are everywhere at the moment! They seem to be the latest trend in combining themed events with some good old-fashioned mind teasing.

As with most trends in the UK, it all started in London. And the capital is still the best place to head to for the widest choice of Escape Rooms London experiences. But what's it all about? We're here to solve the mystery of the escape room experience!

What's the big idea? 

The premise of the escape room experience is simple – it's right there in the name! A group of people is locked in a room and given a set amount of time to escape (usually 30-60 minutes), by solving a variety of puzzles and riddles. The room itself contains the clues needed to crack the code and get the hell out of there before the time runs out.

Escape rooms were first inspired by TV shows like The Crystal Maze, so if you've ever shouted at the telly in frustration when someone was stuck in the Aztec zone, you should definitely give it a try!

What are the rooms like? 

The great thing about escape rooms, and one of the reasons for their massive popularity, is the variety of the themes. In London alone, you can take part in a mind-boggling array of escape room experiences, from pirate treasure seeking to zombies to breaking the Da Vinci code.

Think of it like being inside the set of your favourite action and thriller films. If you're a Harry Potter fan, there's witchcraft and wizardry themed games too, to really test if you're magic or just a Muggle!

Who can play?

Most escape rooms cater for all ages, and tend to suggest groups of 6-8 people. There are some that combine code-cracking with cocktail making, so obviously those ones are not catered to children!

Overall, the idea is to work as a group to solve the clues, so they're a great idea for a birthdays, hen or stag dos or corporate days out. Or even if you're just in London for the weekend and fancy doing something different away from the tourist traps!

Why are they so popular? 

From what we've heard, people absolutely love the theatrical element of the games, as it's like being the star of your own nail-biting escape scene! Some games even have actors to really ramp up the realism. But we think the main reason for their popularity is the chance for people to put themselves to the test, and the sense of satisfaction you get when you escape the room with seconds to spare.

We have also put together a list of frequently asked questions for Escape Rooms at the link below, (FAQs), which also includes some Top Tips and Did you know information which you can show off about when you are with your friends and family

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