The York Dungeon

The York Dungeon is based in York, North Yorkshire, and offers a professional and friendly team to help you have a great time and enjoy the experiences available.

The York Dungeon promises a 75-minute journey into over 2,000 years of York's horrific history! Terrible characters, immersive sets, and spectacular special-effects draw you into this walk-through experience that involves all your senses.

If you don't like things going bump in the night, you'll be glad to know the York Dungeon is also open during the day. This gives you no reason not to immerse yourself in the dark history of York – and England!

The monk of Eoforwic Minster will be waiting to hide any Saxons from the wrath of the Vikings. Fear their wrath as you're flung into the heart of the Viking invasion in 866 AD. Uncover Guy Fawkes' Gunpowder Plot, a failed conspiracy attempt on the then King of England. Or, escape the torturer and his intimidating instruments and survive an encounter with the most deadly of highwaymen, Dick Turpin.

The Plague Doctor's Assistant will delight in demonstrating the full effects of the plague to you – just watch out for the rats! There's enough gruesome fun to keep you terrified the whole way through at the formidable York Dungeon.

Activities at The York Dungeon include:

  • York Dungeons

We have also included their opening times and contact details. If you have any questions, you can contact the venue directly.



Activities available in this location

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Open Times

Monday 11:00-17:00
Tuesday 11:00-17:00
Wednesday 11:00-17:00
Thursday 11:00-17:00
Friday 11:00-17:00
Saturday 10:00-17:00
Sunday 10:00-17:00
Open times may vary.


01904 632599
12 Clifford Street
North Yorkshire

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