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December Newsletter


Welcome to our last Newsletter of 2020, and WOW what a year we have all had. I believe that we all came into the new year believing that 2020 would be a good year for us all, and I think we are all very pleased to see the back of it, as we all wave of the year and look forward to 2021 with all of our figures and toes crossed for a much better year

All of the team at Let's Go Out would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU for everyone's help and support throughout the year, as it's years like this that we all need to stick together and help each other wherever we can

We also have some exciting NEWS to announce soon, but for now, you will just have to wait. At Let's Go Out we are always looking at what else we can do, and what other services we can offer, so it will be something along the lines of a better service offering for you and your business.

Also, don't forget to push your vouchers leading up to the Christmas period as this is a great Christmas gift for everyone, also if you are one of our many premium or premium plus customers, we will also share your posts across our social media accounts for FREE

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This months Newsletter includes

  • Activity of the Month
  • Latest Articles published in November
  • How 2 Video (Access & Update Your Activities)
  • (New) Quad Biking FAQ
  • Corporate Events & Ideas (New & Updated)

We would also like to wish you a Merry Christmas & New Year

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Activity of the Month

Our top pick this week for Activity of the Week goes to the Rally Driving Experience at Gwynne Speed in Cirencester, Gloucestershire

Their Award-Winning Rally School is based in the Cotswolds which offers Rally Driving Experiences from the age of just 10.

Full training is given by highly experienced and friendly Instructors. Come along and experience the thrill of hurtling towards a hairpin bend on a marble-like gravel surface and then sliding around it spectacularly with just a flick of the handbrake and by nailing the throttle! Yes, that's right… the throttle! All rally techniques taught in a safe, controlled environment which offers stacks of fun

GwynneSpeed Rallying was established in 1994 as a Rally Preparation company began operating the Gloucestershire Rally School offering exciting and fun-filled rally driving experience days to members of the public aged just 10+.

The rally school has just been awarded a 5th consecutive TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, making it the only Rally School in UK to be entered into the coveted "Hall of Fame"

Find out more about GwynneSpeed Rally Experience
GwynneSpeed Rally Experience

Latest Activity Articles

Star Command: The Outpost

Star Command: The Outpost

Star Command: The Outpost is the newest activity venue bought to you by the people who made laser tag in London popular again! Star Command opened their first location ten years ago in the heart of London, Piccadilly Circus, with the aim of keeping the much-loved retro fun of the game but with a modern, high-tech twist fitting for the 21st Century.

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Trapped Escape Rooms

Trapped Escape Rooms

Trapped Escape Rooms, based in London’s East Village, have made a name for themselves as the leading immersive escape rooms in the capital. Their main point of difference from the many other escape rooms to be found in London is that they use live actors and specially developed plotlines for each room, creating a true sense of immersion for the players.

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Bunker 51

Bunker 51

Designed as a city-centre, indoor alternative to the more rural woodland activity arenas, it’s located near North Greenwich so the perfect destination for Londoners and day-trippers alike. From the minute you step inside the bunker you feel like you’re on a film set, with props, backdrops, and equipment all over the place.

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6 Stops for a Retro Outing in London

6 Stops for a Retro Outing in London

One of the best things about the world’s truly great cities is that they tend to preserve the past. There’s a little something for everyone in most of these cities, and that almost always includes attractions and activities that take us back a few year, or even a few decades.

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How 2 Access & Update Your Activities

Quad Biking FAQ (New)

If you are planning a trip to your local Quad Biking venue. Whether it's your first time, or if you just have some questions. Then we have the answers to your questions, and also some top tips on Quad Biking. We have also included some interesting facts that will make you sound like a pro!

We have included for you below;

  • Our Top Tips for Quad Biking
  • Did you know information about Quad Biking
  • Quad Biking Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Our Top Tips for Quad Biking

What to wear for Quad Biking?

This is a very common question, and you need to keep in mind what you will be doing if you are going quad biking. Which is riding through woodlands, mud, and water, so you are going to get wet and dirty, otherwise, you just are not doing it properly. Most if not all venues will give you overalls as well as a helmet and goggles, as well as some supplying you with gloves to help protect you as you ride around the course, but even with the overalls on you will still get dirty and wet, so wear clothes that you do not mind getting dirty, but are also a comfortable fit, as you will be riding around on the quad bike for around 1 hour for a standard experience, and longer if you are a pro, but if it's your first time out on a quad bike then 1 hour is enough as you will be feeling it near the end.

Also with your footwear, you want to wear wellies or walking boots if you have them, if not then an old pair of shoes that you do not mind sticking in the bin after will be fine as they will get covered in mud, some venues will also supply you with wellies, but if you have your own, then even better. All of the above is always worth checking with the venue before you arrive so that you can make sure that you are ready to go.

Riding your Quad Bike safety?

First things first, keep your eyes open, now this may sound obvious, but when people pick up too much speed or lose control for a moment, then the first thing most people do is close their eyes, which you just can not do as you are still moving, and if you close your eyes, (then it does not all just go away) as you just keep moving in whatever direction, and then accidents sadly happen, and that just ruins your experience, you also want to keep to a distance of between 5-10 meters on your quad bikes, this is so that you have time to stop or steer out of the way if someone either stops or falls off in front of you, as well as this never look behind you when you to see what the others are doing as this will make you steer off the track.

Read our Quad Biking FAQ
quad biking faq

Corporate Event Planning and Ideas (New)

So, the boss has announced that they want to hold a corporate event: something to get the team together, perhaps to celebrate a recent win or just to reconnect. And they’ve chosen you to organise it!

Let’s face it, we might all inwardly cringe at the phrase ‘team-building exercise’, but done right, a company day out can work wonders for employee morale, encouraging engagement, and improving trust and communication.

Studies have shown that a whopping 70% of workers don’t feel engaged at work, and 86% blame ‘lack of communication’ for workplace failures. It may feel like a lot of extra effort, but businesses that invest time and money into organising corporate events can help address these problems, and treat their team to a well-deserved day out at the same time.

To find out more about how we can help, drop us a quick call on 07887 527 868 or get in touch

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Why Have Let’s Go Out Plan Your Corporate Event?

Most of us are busy enough with our regular workload without adding ‘organise a fun but meaningful team day out’ to the mix. Don’t feel that you have to juggle the various budgetary and logistical requirements yourself: let the experts at Let’s Go Out help! We will listen to your needs and advise on your options.

Let’s Go Out is a national website that was built specifically to help people find things to do, and over the years we’ve built up an incredible resource of over 6000 activities all over the UK. We get to know the companies and venues that we work with, and make sure they are offering quality experiences so that everyone has a great time.

Because of our relationship with our venues and activity centres, we can negotiate the best prices for your corporate event. We can also arrange awesome package deals to build a day out or even a whole weekend away to suit different requirements and budgets. After all, the boss trusted you to organise a great event, so we want to help you come up with something memorable.

At Let’s Go Out we also understand that every company is different, with different corporate cultures. We can help you organise as much or as little as you want: if the burden of arranging transport, catering AND a hefty dose of fun lies heavily on your shoulders, you can hand all of that over to us. Or if you’re just looking for us to book the activities, we can do that too (and get you the best price)!

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