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Published on: 01/09/21

So, the boss has announced that they want to hold a corporate event: something to get the team together, perhaps to celebrate a recent win or just to reconnect. And they’ve chosen you to organise it!

Let’s face it, we might all inwardly cringe at the phrase ‘team building exercise’, but done right, a company day out can work wonders for employee morale, encouraging engagement and improving trust and communication.

Studies have shown that a whopping 70% of workers don’t feel engaged at work, and 86% blame ‘lack of communication’ for workplace failures. It may feel like a lot of extra effort, but businesses that invest time and money into organising corporate events can help address these problems, and treat their team to a well-deserved day out at the same time.

Why Have Let’s Go Out Plan Your Corporate Event?

Most of us are busy enough with our regular workload without adding ‘organise a fun but meaningful team day out’ to the mix. Don’t feel that you have to juggle the various budgetary and logistical requirements yourself: let the experts at Let’s Go Out help! We will listen to your needs and advise on your options.

Let’s Go Out is a national website that was built specifically to help people find things to do, and over the years we’ve built up an incredible resource of over 7,000 activities all over the UK. We get to know the companies and venues that we work with, and make sure they are offering quality experiences so that everyone has a great time, so why Let's Go Out

  • Bespoke service to suit your needs and budget
  • Group sizes of all sizes (no minimum or maximum)
  • National Service with access to over 7,000 activities
  • Personal service to understand your needs and requirements
  • Our team can organise: Activities, Transport, Hotels, Restaurants and Night Life

Because of our relationship with our venues and activity centres, we can negotiate the best prices for your corporate event. We can also arrange awesome package deals to build a day out or even a whole weekend away to suit different requirements and budgets. After all, the boss trusted you to organise a great event, so we want to help you come up with something memorable.

At Let’s Go Out we also understand that every company is different, with different corporate cultures. We can help you organise as much or as little as you want: if the burden of arranging transport, catering AND a hefty dose of fun lies heavily on your shoulders, you can hand all of that over to us. Or if you’re just looking for us to book the activities, we can do that too (and get you the best price)!

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Traditional Corporate Event Ideas

One of the best things about team days out is the chance to get away from your desk, out in the fresh air and doing something physical. That’s why paintball, go karting and clay pigeon shooting are such popular options for corporate events. You’ll see your co-workers in a whole new light: who would have thought that Malcom from accounts would be a total speed freak on the go karting track, or that Linda the CEO was such a great shot with an air rifle? Most activity centres will allow you to build a package of several activities for a fantastic and varied day of fun.

Novelty Corporate Event Ideas

The best way to get your team excited about their day out is to try something different. This way, everyone will be in the same boat of being a complete novice and will therefore be more likely to bond over their shared experiences.

If you’re looking for something a little less physical than paintball or go karting, escape rooms are a hugely popular choice for corporate days out. There’s so many to choose from that even if people on your team have done one before, you won’t have to travel too far to find something new. Whatever the theme, they all have one thing in common: the aim is to escape a locked room within 60 minutes by solving various clues and puzzles as a team.

Corporate Record Breaking Attempt

Are you looking for a team-building event with a difference and one that you can shout about from the top of the building to let all of your customers know just how great your team and business is, then what a better way to do that then to archive a world record and get your company name in the Guinness World Records, and also what a great PR and Marketing opportunity for you to let your customers know all about in your meetings and newsletters. If you would like to speak with one of our account managers further about doing an activity-based world record attempt, just fill in your details at the bottom of the page

Corporate Event FAQs

What is a corporate event? 

Corporate events can vary hugely in scale, formality and budget. Some companies have an annual blow-out Christmas or Summer party, with black tie dress codes and sit-down meals. Others go for more informal away days with activities to get the team working together, like scavenger hunts or paintball. The main aim is to get people out of the office and having fun!

Where do you cover within the UK at Let's Go Out?

We work with companies all over the UK, so whether you’re looking for venues close to home or want to plan a day out or whole weekend away, we’ve got you covered. We can also help you book transport and accommodation, which are two less things to worry about.

How much will a corporate day out cost? 

The cost will vary depending on what you’re hoping to do and how long you want the event to last for. We appreciate that corporate days out can feel like another expense, and we want to help you get your money’s worth. Whether you want to simply treat your employees as a reward for great performance or have a specific goal in mind (e.g. improving communication), there will be activities to suit.

Who should I invite to the corporate day out?

Again, this varies from company to company. Some businesses invite partners or kids to join the fun, others prefer to keep it to employees only. If your goal is to improve the way particular teams work together, then it makes sense to plan activities that keeps those people together. If your aim is to encourage people from different offices or departments to get to know each other, mix things up!

When should I start to plan the corporate event?

In our opinion, it’s never to early to start planning! Obviously, certain times of the year like Christmas are much busier for corporate events, so most companies start booking and planning in the Summer. If you’re a large company with a lot of people to cater for, you definitely don’t want to leave it too late as not everyone will be able to accommodate bigger groups.

What should I do next? 

Get excited! You’re about to start planning a fantastic corporate event that will impress your boss and your workmates. But don’t feel like you have to plan this thing all by yourself! As any good leader will tell you, the key to success is asking for help when you need it.

If you would like to find out more about how Let’s Go Out can help you plan the perfect corporate event, fill in the form below to get the ball rolling.

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