Zip World Adventures in Wales

Published on: 12/09/18

You’ve probably been on a zip line before; maybe there was a small one in your playground when you were a kid, or perhaps you’ve been to one of those treetop adventure centres where you zip amongst the trees? Well, the zip lines at Zip World Wales are on a whole other level! If you’re looking for a new airborne adventure to try with your friends and family, we recommend you travel to North Wales for an absolutely amazing choice of activities.

Zip World has grown to three locations since it opened in 2013 with the groundbreaking Velocity ride, which was hailed as the closest experience a human being can get to skydiving without leaping out of a plane! They have loads more zip line activities to choose from, and now you can explore underground too with their incredible ‘Bounce Below’ – which is basically a playground of trampolines and nets in a disused mine.

If you’re planning a visit, you can choose between three locations

Zip World Fforest

As the name suggests, this location is set in the woodlands of Conwy Valley in Snowdonia. Here you’ll find the UK’s only ‘Alpine Coaster’, which is like a roller coaster but set in the woods and driven purely by gravity! You can also bounce around in nets up to 60ft amongst the trees or test your bravery on the Skyride – essentially a Giant Swing that sends you flying through the air with incredible views (if you dare to keep your eyes open!) If you can handle all that then you’ve got to try the new Plummet 2 freefall, which drops you 100ft through a trapdoor, another world first for Zip World.

Zip World Slate Caverns

The disused slate mines of Snowdonia have been put to good use in this location, where you can explore above and below. Here you can enjoy Europe’s largest zipping zone, aptly named Titan, which sends you flying 1890m from up high (about half the height of nearby Mount Snowdon, to be exact) over the old quarries. Caverns is a flying and climbing adventure in a slate mine that was abandoned for 200 years, and the famous Bounce Below is an enormous underground playground of nets.

Zip World Penrhyn Quarry

Another abandoned slate quarry (which was once the world’s largest) is now the third Zip World location and home to the world’s fastest zip line: Velocity. Riders on this line can reach speeds of 100 miles per hour!! It’s almost too fast to enjoy the amazing views of the bright blue quarry lake and beautiful countryside. If all that adrenaline is making you feel tired, you can finish off your visit with a rather more sedate tour around the old quarry with the Velocity Quarry Tour.

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