White Water Rafting in the UK

Published on: 18/09/18

If you’re seeking a new outdoors adventure and don’t mind getting a little damp (and by damp, we mean soaking wet!) then continue to read our article called Where can I find White Water Rafting UK.

You might have already tried your hand at kayaking or canoeing and want to ramp up the adrenalin, or maybe you’ve never even set foot in a raft but want to give it a go. The great thing about white water rafting is that there is no experience needed, as venues will provide an experienced guide. If you’ve never done it before, here’s some other great reasons to give white water rafting a try

It’s an all-weather outside activity

As you’ll be nice and cozy in your waterproofs and getting splashed by the waves anyway, it really doesn’t matter if it rains. Occasionally trips may be cancelled in extreme stormy weather, or if the water is too high, but generally speaking it’s all all-weather activity.

It’s a full-body workout

You might think that you’ll only be using your arms to paddle, but white water rafting is actually a great all-over body workout that uses lots of different muscle groups. The whole time you’re in the raft you’ll be engaging your core muscles to keep yourself balanced, and you’ll be using your leg muscles to brace your upper body too.

It’s a great way to get outside

There’s plenty of stunning locations to go white water rafting in the UK, from the natural rapids at the National White Water Centre in North Wales to the Olympic standard facilities in Lee Valley, Hertfordshire. Wherever you choose to go, it’s a fantastic excuse to get outside for a few hours and really blow the cobwebs away (if not totally drown them!)

It’s a huge adrenalin rush 

There’s nothing like bracing yourself to crash through a big wave, or feeling the currents speed you onwards as the spray of the water hits your face. White water rafting is certainly not for the faint of heart, but negotiation the rapids is a huge adrenalin rush and you’ll feel such a sense of achievement afterwards.

So where will you go? 

Wherever you are in the UK, you’re not far from a white water rafting centre, with 12 venues dotted around the country at the last count. They all offer various levels of guided tours and lessons to suit your ability, and it’s a great family day out or team-building exercise.

We hope that you enjoyed reading our article called Where can I find White Water Rafting UK, and that you are now ready to give it a try for yourself, so why not check out our website at www.LetsGoOut.co.uk to view a full list for all of the difference venues around the UK

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