Where can I try Airsoft in the UK?

Published on: 07/02/19

Have you read our previous blog about Airsoft? It’s basically an introduction to the sport, which is very similar to paintball but with more emphasis on creating a realistic combat experience using replica military weapons and strategy. If you haven’t read the blog post yet, then you can read it here.

If you’re wondering where you can give Airsoft a try in the UK, we’ve rounded up a few options for you here. Remember, Airsoft is a great day out for team building, hen parties, and stag dos, but you must have a good base level of fitness and suitable clothing for playing outdoors. Now that’s the sensible bit out of the way, on with the roundup!

Find an Airsoft ‘mission’ or ‘skirmish’ near you…


Bunker 51 in Greenwich, London, hosts regular skirmishes for Airsoft enthusiasts. They have group packages available - gather together a gang of 10 friends and spend 2 hours exploring their arenas. You can either bring your own kit or rent it onsite. If you’re a regular player, you can even put together your own events.


Combat Airsoft in Norfolk boasts a purpose-built venue and unlike other operators they specialise only in Airsoft games. The Thetford Forest location is the perfect place to recreate realistic ‘Milsims’ (Military Simulations). They have a host of practical facilities onsite, including a catering hub and covered seating to rest and plan your next move. If you’re feeling brave you can take part in one of their nighttime survival games, where you have to try and escape a hoard of hungry zombies!


Phoenix Airsoft operates out of a woodland site that sprawls over an impressive 130 acres. It’s great for all times of the year but if the weather is really bad they have an indoor game area too. With a reputation developed over 25 years, they quite rightly claim to be one of the leading operators in the UK. You can join a game there every Saturday and Sunday or become a member to really get value for money, and they do special offers for member of the Serving Forces.

South Wales

Despite the name Taskforce Paintball do much more than just paintball! Their site in Cowbridge has 12 zones for different games, including biohazard, mission impossible and zombie survival themes. As with most Airsoft venues, you can bring your own equipment (check their site for what’s acceptable) or hire their replica M4 Carbines. They host regular battle simulations and are happy to accommodate birthday parties and hen/stag dos.


If you’ve truly caught the Airsoft bug you won’t want to miss the National Airsoft Event that’s held every year at Ground Zero Airsoft in Dorset. The festival happens over a weekend in August and brings in huge crowds of enthusiasts from all over the UK and Europe. The first event was back in 2007 and it’s remained just as popular ever since, with shops and bars as well as a battlefield, so you can really indulge your love of the game.

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