What is Flyboarding, and Where can try Flyboarding

Published on: 20/07/18

At Let’s Go Out, we love trying new and crazy ways to spend our weekend, so when we heard about flyboarding we asked ourselves What is Flyboarding, and we heard about Big Crazy, and when we seen the pictures below, we knew we had to give it a try, and book a trip as soon as possible!

We wanted to find out more before we tried it out for ourselves, so we had a chat with Steve at Big Crazy to tell us all about it. Not only is Steve a water sports expert.

So let's find out more about flyboarding…

Hi Steve, flyboarding is a relatively new sport. How would you describe it to someone who’s never heard of it? 

That’s right - it’s only been around since 2012 and was invented, and patented by a French guy called Franky Zapata. Flyboarding can be described as ‘water jet flying’, or a watery jet pack!

Basically, you stand onboard on a board which is similar in size to a skateboard, which is attached to a long hose and shoots jets of water underneath your feet, which propels you into the air. It sounds mad but you’re actually quite stable in the air, once you get the hang of it!

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Do you have any top tips for someone trying it for the first time?

The one thing we say to anyone thinking of trying flyboarding is you do have to be fit. You’re out on the water for quite a while and it does get tiring, as you’re constantly keeping your balance to stay upright. Good posture is essential!

Patience is also a must for beginners, as you will inevitably have quite a few falls into the water as you get used to it.

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Find out more about the water sports you can try at Big Crazy and click on the link below; http://www.bigcrazyflyboarding.co.uk/

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How is Flyboarding different from other water sports?

Flyboarding is unique as you really can ‘fly’ several feet in the air and perform amazing acrobatics. Experienced riders can even propel themselves underwater. It’s a huge adrenalin rush and the closest thing you’ll get to feeling like you can fly.


If someone wants to give it a go, why should they come to Big Crazy?

We’ve got a fantastic location for flyboarding, which is the flooded quarry at the National Diving and Activity centre in Chepstow, so book now your experience now, and you’ll get one-to-one tuition from our instructors.

We also welcome you to bring your family and friends along to watch! And if flyboarding’s not your thing we also offer Stand Up Paddleboarding and Kayaking too.

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