Trapped Escape Rooms

Published on: 17/11/20

Trapped Escape Rooms, based in London’s East Village, have made a name for themselves as the leading immersive escape rooms in the capital. Their main point of difference from the many other escape rooms to be found in London is that they use live actors and specially developed plotlines for each room, creating a true sense of immersion for the players.

The team at Trapped have put a lot of thought into making the rooms as accessible as possible for a diverse audience, with the ability to accommodate groups of up to 42. If you give them advance notice, they can even lower the age range of their more adult themes to be appropriate for children. All of the rooms are designed to be a fun challenge for friends, families, co-workers, or stag and hen parties.

Located in an ideal spot with loads of options for a pre- or post-game meal and drinks, the East Village is a great place to plan a day out with a difference. Here are some of the great themed adventures on offer at Trapped…

Trapped in a Prison Van

Finding yourself locked in an authentic prison van, you’ll really start to feel like a criminal on your way to Pentonville! Along with your gang of accomplices, you’ve been found guilty and sentenced to life behind bars. Your only hope is to figure out a way to stop the van and escape, but you only have 60 minutes to do it! This is the ultimate prison break experience and perfect for fans of true crime or detective stories.

Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

This is not a room for the faint-hearted as you will be trapped with a real-life zombie who is only being held back from eating your brains by a chain holding them to the wall. But there’s a twist – for every five minutes that you’re in the room, the chain holding the hungry zombie will be released by a foot, bringing them closer and closer to you. So, you really don’t have long to locate the clues and solve the riddles that will lead you to the key and your freedom. Will you be able to work as a team with your fellow captives? Or will you just save yourself?

Trapped in Virtual Reality

Here’s a brand-new escape room experience for fans of computer games and futuristic fantasy: a virtual reality adventure where you have to solve digital puzzles in an online world. There are two games to choose from:

Mind Horror – in this storyline you play the part of a cyber-detective on the hunt of a mysterious serial killer called The Silent Man. He’s abducted a child and is holding them in an unknown location: you and your fellow players have just 45 minutes to solve the clues. Can you enter the mind of a deranged murderer and save the child? You’ll feel like you’re in an episode of Black Mirror in this twisted VR adventure!

Cosmos – you find yourself in a space station that has been taken over by a malignant creature. Whatever it is, it has triggered a countdown to self-destruction that will obliterate the space station in just 45 minutes. You and your crew need to navigate zero-gravity and various VR challenges to stop the countdown and save the station from total destruction.

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