Top 5 ‘Bucket List’ Activities in the UK

Published on: 11/03/19

At Let’s Go Out, we don’t need any excuse to find some adventure at the weekends, or any time!

We love trying new things and giving you ideas for you and your family. However, we can see the appeal of a ‘bucket list’ for making you really push your boundaries and try something different. If you’ve never heard the phrase before, a bucket list is a list of things you want to achieve or experience before die (from the euphemism ‘kick the bucket). We’ve done some digging around the internet and researched the top five most popular bucket list activities to do in the UK. Perhaps they’ll give you some inspiration for your own list?

Sky Diving

It’s easy to see why sky diving is on so many people’s bucket list – it’s the perfect combination of scary and fulfilling. To throw yourself out of a plane at 12,000 feet with only a parachute to save you from plummeting into the earth is enough to give anyone a huge adrenalin rush!

You can view the landscape from a totally unique vantage point as you float down once the parachute has been deployed. There are around 20 skydiving centres around the UK to give you an experience to remember, and one of them is Skydive Langar in Nottingham

Bungee Jumping

When you think of bungee jumping, you think of gap year kids jumping off bridges in Australia, so it might surprise you to know that the first modern bungee jump was off the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, by members of the very aptly-named Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club!

If you’ve got the guts to through yourself off a bridge or building hundreds of feet in the air, you will get a huge thrill from the freefall. In the UK there are quite a few bungee jumping clubs you can join, one of which is the National Diving and Activity Centre in Chepstow, Gloucestershire, is set up over a cliff and holds the record for the highest in the UK at 400ft.

Wing Walking Experience

This one’s for the real daredevils out there – standing on the wings of a vintage biplane with only a few straps holding you in place!

Wing walking at Aero Super Batic in Gloucestershire will give you a whole new perspective on the wonder of flight, and a lot of venues will allow you to bring an audience along to witness your nerves of steel. There are only a handful of places you can go wing walking in the UK, but it’s worth the journey for a truly unique experience.

Scuba Diving

We may not have a Great Barrier Reef or crystal-clear tropical waters, but apparently the UK is the best place in the world for wreck diving. As an island with a long maritime history, there are hundreds of wrecks to explore along our coastline.

There is also a saying that if you can scuba dive in the UK, you can scuba dive anywhere, so if your dream is to dive somewhere more exotic this is a great place to get qualified first. Top locations are Lundy Island in Devon (a Marine Conservation Zone) and Scapa Flow in Orkney, and also Scuba Diving Scotland in Glasgow

Jet Skiing

Out of all the things on our bucket list, jet skiing is probably the most affordable and accessible activity. It’s suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities, and you don’t need a license to ride one in the UK. As you’d expect from an island nation, there is no shortage of places where you can learn how to jet ski in the UK, which includes Jetski Safaris in Poole, Dorset

You can take your pick from the craggy coastlines of Cornwall to the ‘English Riviera’ in Devon, and some purpose-built lakes. There’s a ton of health benefits to jet skiing, from improving balance and coordination to increasing circulation and burning calories.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our whistle-stop tour through the top 5 bucket list activities in the UK. Have you got a bucket list? What activities or adventures do you want to tick off before you kick the bucket?

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