Thrill-seeking for Disabled People

Published on: 26/03/21

If you know Let’s Go Out, you’ll know that we’re all about helping people to find exciting days out and amazing weekend adventures. We also believe that thrill-seeking activities should be available to everyone, whatever their abilities. In the last two blogs we’ve featured ten fantastic venues from all over the UK, with a variety of facilities on offer.

Now we’re going to shine a spotlight on five more places offering fun days out for disabled people. Being a wheelchair user or having visual impairments shouldn’t stop you getting that adrenaline rush, so read on for inspiration for your next weekend adventure!

GwynneSpeed Rallying - Cirencester 

GwynneSpeed Rallying is a family run business in Cirencester, and they’re proud to be the only rally school in the UK to offer their experiences to disabled drivers. They have not one but two specially adapted cars, which can be fully operated using just hand controls. After the shocking accident in which he lost both his legs, Formula 4 racing driver Billy Monger visited GwyneeSpeed for some training in these vehicles.

The site itself is also well set up for wheelchair users, with designated parking spaces, ramped access into buildings and a disabled toilet. In the future, GwyneeSpeed are planning to extend the activities on offer to disabled drivers to include their ever-popular 4x4 off road experiences.

Thames Rocket – London

The Thames Rocket speedboat experiences have been ranked as the number one outdoor activity In London. With cutting edge boats and experienced tour guides, they’re a unique and thrilling way of sightseeing in the capital.

They welcome disabled guests but make it clear that with the limited space on the vessels, they can’t bring wheelchairs on board. Wheelchair users will need to have someone with them who can assist them onto the boat and down five steps as the crew are not able to carry people. There are no seatbelts on board, but seats are in rows of two so disabled guests can be supported by their friend or carer.

Avalanche Adventure - Leicestershire

Avalanche Adventure have an amazing range of fun and challenging activities on their 400-acre site in the heart of England. They aim to be as accommodating as possible to disabled visitors, with ramps to access refreshments and toilets. Over the years they have welcomed wheelchair users to take part in the Archery and Clay Shooting activities, and they also offer Blindfold Driving in which blind guests are guided by a sighted passenger. Apparently, the blind guests are always winning because they’re better at listening to instructions!

Avalanche Adventure can also offer Quad Biking for disabled visitors with no use of their legs – they have a specially adapted quad bike with an electronic gear shift on the handlebars (but you must be strong enough to hold on when the speed gets going!).

Drift Limits - Hemel Hempstead

Drift Limits in Hemel Hempstead offer thrilling passenger rides in supercars, race cars, drift cars, and stunt drives for everyone, no matter their ability or disabilities. The passenger rides are driven by qualified, highly experienced instructors at the limit of the vehicle's capabilities. Basically, you can sit back and let the driver do all the work for some no-holds-barred, adrenaline junkie fun!

You’ll feel the lateral G-forces around sweeping, shifting turns at the limit of grip and through tight hairpin turns. Or smell the tyres melt on the Memphis Drift Track, sliding around the UK's only Japanese Garden Drift Roundabout. If your childhood dream was to become a stunt person, the drivers will propel you through 180-degree handbrake turns into parking bays, high-speed J turns, rolling donuts, and more!

If you have deafness or impaired vision, Drift Limits offer operated driving experiences that use hand signals alongside their usual instruction and training. At the moment there are no disabled toilet facilities on-site, however, they are available at a nearby service station. If you have additional requirements, contact them before booking so they can advise and ensure the perfect experience for you.

Snozone UK - Castleford & Milton Keynes

Snozone’s aim is to make snowsports accessible and inclusive for everyone, and the Disability Snowsports at their Milton Keynes and Castleford locations are for anyone who has a sensory, cognitive, or physical impairment.

They offer adaptive skiing and snowboarding with highly experienced and qualified coaches - these specialists have guided and coached all types of skiers and snowboarders, from complete beginners to national team-level athletes.

Snozone has a range of equipment available for disabled visitors, including sit skis which can either be skied with assistance or independently. For amputees or those with poor body coordination or mobility, they have stand-up riggers. Whatever your needs, the team of dedicated coaches can use a variety of different teaching styles and equipment to ensure a memorable day out.

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