Spitfire Flying Experience in the UK?

Published on: 31/01/19

Have you always wanted to know what it’s like to soar through the sky in a Spitfire?

The Spitfire, or to give it it’s full name, The Submarine Spitfire, was a legendary fighter plane of World War Two. With its distinctive elliptical wings and bullseye motifs, it remains hugely popular amongst both history and flight enthusiasts. Most remaining Spitfires are either in museums or put on static display at air shows, but there are still about 60 airworthy aircrafts left. If you or someone you know has always wanted to fly in a Spitfire, here’s our selection of places you can do so in the UK.

Fly a Spitfire, Biggin Hill, Kent

Biggin Hill does what it says on the tin! You can buy either 30, 45 or 55 minute Spitfire flying tours, with a detailed pre-flight check and authentic taxiing, plus engine checks that the wartime pilots would have gone through. The price includes a digital video of your flight and a framed certificate. The planes are genuine veterans of combat and if you’re feeling brave the pilot will perform manoeuvres like Victory Rolls!

If you don't want to do the spitfire flying experience, then the Biggin Hill Hanger restoration centre / museum offers the largest collection of Spitfire's in the world, where they have restored six Spitfires to flying condition so far, with other they are working on. As well as 13 Spitfires on site for you to view, they also have a 1940 Hawker Hurricane, and a Battle of Britain veteran Messerschmitt 109 on view. Please note that they are unable to accommodate ‘drop in’ visitors

Boultbee Flight Academy, Cumbernauld

Boultbee Flight Academy which is based in Goodwood, and also has locations in Exeter, Solent and Cumbernauld in Scotland.

Imagine the stunning views you’ll have during a 30 or 50 minute flight! Boultbee was the world’s first Spitfire training school and approved flight provider, and they have a passion to keep these old warbirds in the air for as long as possible. Boultbee can now also offer the worlds only Spitfire Flight Simulator, where you can get behind the controls of a spitfire and feel want it is like to be the pilot of a Spitfire for 30 minutes, and fly above the clouds

Aero Legends, Kent

Aero Legends operates out of two aerodromes at Headcorn in Kent, and Sywell in Northamptonshire. Both sites will give you a fantastic view, but the one in Kent gives you the opportunity to see some spectacular views of the White Cliffs of Dover from the cockpit of a Spitfire. There are loads of different packages available, including walking in the footsteps (or should that be flying?) in the same airspace, where the Battle of Britain was fought.

You can also book flights in T6 Harvard, where you can take the controls for a trial flying lesson at Headcorn or Sywell, you can also take a flight in a 1930's Tiger Month at Headcorn or Sywell. If yo are looking for a little more space and comfont, then book yourself on to one of the pleasure flights in the de Havilland Devon at both Headcorn and Sywell

Classic Wings, Duxford

Classic Wings can offer you a fantastic flying experience with a 30 or 50 minute flight in a 2 seater SpitfireSpitfireSpitfire, or if you want to fly a learn to Spitfire, then you can take a 1 day or 2 day pilot training experience?

Not only will you get to fly in a Spitfire, but also a Tiger Moth (or Chipmunk) and a T6 Harvard too! This immersive experience really is for die-hard fans of vintage planes and is only for suitable for people who have a valid ICAO Private Pilot’s License. If you want to travel in style, then you can book a sightseeing flight in the elegant Dragon Rapide, plus they can also offer you an experience called Tiger & Tracks, which includes a sightseeing flight over Cambridge, and then a driving experience in a military vehicle

We’ve given you a variety of options to suit different budgets but check out the operator websites for the most up to date prices and availability.

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