Self Guided Walking Tours with Curious About

Published on: 29/07/18

Curious About is a fantastic website which we have recently discovered that offers Self Guided Walking Tours to help you make the most of your holidays or weekend away within the UK. The brilliant thing is you can either download the walks directly to your phone or tablet or print them out to create your own map.

Rob and Sue have explored 75 towns and cities across the UK and created self-guided walks so that visitors can discover Britain’s unique heritage. They set up Curious About eight years ago with walks around a couple of cities, and since then they’ve built up a great archive of nearly 100 locations all over the UK

About Curious About

Rob and Sue are both seasoned travelers who’ve been all over the world, but who both believe there are many hidden treasures on our doorstop. The very same attitude we have here at Let’s Go Out! Their walks aim to introduce people to unusual, quirky and intriguing towns and cities and uncover their personality of each place.

Each walk included stories and facts about the location you’ve chosen, so you work out you brain as well as your feet! The beauty of the self-guided walks is that you go at your own speed, without worrying about having to keep up with a guide or staying in a group.

Locations include Aberdeen, Bristol, Canterbury, Marlow, Ripon, Scarborough and Whitby to name just a few. The walks are designed to be as wheelchair and pushchair-friendly as possible and are great to keep kids amused drying the holidays! They are all between 1 and 2 miles long so most take between half an hour and an hour (allowing time for the treasure hunt!)

Are you curious about UK towns and cities?

We’ve teamed up with Curious About to give you an opportunity to try the walks for yourself. Simply enter the discount code below at checkout for a 20% discount on any two or more Curious About purchases on their website;

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