Kayaking in Cornwall

Published on: 04/10/18

If you love being by the seaside but want a bit more action on your days off than simply sitting on a beach towel, then you will want to know where you can try Sea Kayaking in Cornwall might just be the activity for you. As well as being a fun new skill to learn, it gives you the chance to see beautiful beaches and stunning scenery from a completely different viewpoint.

What’s the difference between Sea Kayaking and River Kayaking? 

Kayaking in the ocean means you have to have your wits about you! Without a river shoreline to help you navigate, things can get tricky in the open sea. There are other boats to consider (some of which can be massive!) as well as submerged rocks, changing tides and changeable weather conditions.

Apart from the obvious differences in water conditions and environment, you’ll also be using a different kind of kayak. Sea kayaks have been specially built for life on the ocean, and they have a covered deck to which you can add a spray deck to stop water getting in (a must for those days when the waves are hitting hard!)

Finally, as you tend to be out for longer on the sea than on a river, you’ll be paddling a lot more! Unlike river kayaking, where you can ‘go with the flow’ of the river, you’re completely under your own steam on the sea, and sometimes against the wind too!

Where can I go Sea Kayaking in the UK? 

Living as we do on an island with a fantastic coastline, we’re surrounded by sea kayaking opportunities. There are centres in Devon, Cornwall, Brighton, Isle of Wight, Wales and quite a few up in Scotland.

Why should I try sea Kayaking in Cornwall? 

Cornwall is known for its stunning Atlantic coast, with dramatic scenery stretching for miles. It’s a great place to try sea kayaking for the first time, as there are sheltered areas of water for beginners. If you’re more experienced there are plenty of areas with more challenging tides and surf. There’s something to suit everyone!

Anything else I should know about Sea Kayaking? 

If you really start to get into sea kayaking you might want to try some of the wide array of kayak designs, which come in various weights, dimensions and materials. For example, shorter boats are easier to maneuver than longer boats, which tend to stay more in a straight line!

The main thing to consider, whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, is that you’re comfortable when sat in the kayak. Comfort allows control, and there’s nothing more important than being in control of your vessel.

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