What is the Red Arrows Schedule

Published on: 27/07/18

What is the Red Arrows Schedule for the 2018 season has started, so we wanted to help you find out all of the different dates and locations you will be able to see the fantastic Red Arrows aerobatic display team, also did you know that the team changes every year

Also with all of the Red Arrows displays the first half consists of synchronised, formation aerobatics, and then a more dynamic second half, and that Reds 1 to 5 form the front section of the team’s formation, which is called Enid, and Reds 6 to 9 make up the rear part, called Gypo, Also Reds 6 & 7 form The Synchro Pair, which perform the highly-popular opposition manoeuvres during this latter section of the show. But what about Red 10, so he acts as the team’s Supervisor, and maintains radio contact with the Team Leader so that they can all stay in formation, and also stay safe, plus he also provides the commentary, so that everyone watching on the ground can hear and see what is happening

2018 Red Arrows Schedule                      (Dates & Loactions)

Please see the link below for a full list of the different locations and dates for the 54th Red Arrows Schedule, as we all know there is many Red Arrows displays all of the UK, and they are very busy over the summer months, which makes for a great day out for everyone of all ages

For a full list of Dates & Locations, please Click Here

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Red Arrows Smoke / Dye Trails

The colourful smoke trails that the Red Arrows enhance the visual impact of the display on the ground, and are one of the well known parts of the display, but did you know that there is more behind the colourful smoke trails then just for the display, as the smoke also act as an important part of the display for flight safety, as Red 1 at the front of the display can use the smoke to judge the wind speed and direction

Also apart from Red 1 using it to judge the wind speed and direction, the other team members can also use it to help them locate each offer in the second half of the display, when different parts of the team can be several miles apart

There is a dedicated Dye team within the Red Arrows that ensure the aircraft's have the correct amount of diesel and dye, which creates the colourful smoke trails that we all know. The team of engineers will travel all over the country with the Red Arrows team, working to very tight deadlines to make sure that when Red 1 makes the call ("Smoke on, Go") that we all get a fantastic smoke trail display

Want to learn more about the team that look after the colourful smoke trails, please Click Here

We hope that you enjoyed reading our article about What is the Red Arrows Schedule, and also some great information on the team and support team

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Red Arrows Display Team

Would you like to learn more about the pilots flying the Red Arrows jets, so that when your sitting watching the display you can also know who is flying the jets, also did you know that before a pilot can apply for selection for teh Red Arrows that they must of done the below first

  • Minimum of 1,500 flying hours.
  • Completed a front line combat tour.
  • Assessed as being above average in their flying role.

After they have completed the below, and are classed as being ready and good enough to apply for section, then a shortlist of nine applicants is picked to are examined over a week though selection, which includes a gruelling flying test, interviews and assessments, a maximum of 3 new pilots are chosen each year to replace the three that have finished their 3 year tour with the Red Arrows.

If you decide your would like to be The Team Leader for the Red Arrows then you must first have completed a three-year tour as a team pilot, and then the team leader is appointed in a separate selection process.

To learn more about our Red Arrows Team, please Click Here

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