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Published on: 27/06/20

Here at Let’s Go Out we love an Escape Room! They’re a great combination of physical and mental activity; exercising the old grey matter to solve various problems and puzzles and racing against the clock to find the next clue. As soon as social distancing measures are relaxed, we’ll be rounding up some friends and booking our next escape room adventure asap!

There are some fantastic escape rooms in and around Northampton, and we’ve listed seven of the best here to give you some ideas for your next day out. So put your thinking caps on for a thought-provoking few minutes of fun!

Want to Escape

This Escape Room is a short drive from Northampton and is currently busy building more rooms, so they will be ready to welcome back visitors with even more puzzle-solving fun! The themed games include Conspiracist, Shimmy Shimmy Cocoa Pop (inspired by the Tom Hanks film Big) and Magical Museum Train. The website helpfully rates all the games for difficulty and scariness, so you can pick the one that best suits you and your team. They all have a combination of physical, logical, and numerical problems that will leave you wanting more!

Deadlocked Escape Rooms 

One of Northampton’s newest escape rooms, Deadlocked is in the town centre on Abington Street. Choose from two themed rooms: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or Houdini’s Workshop. The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde room has an immersive story that doesn’t involve any physical restraints, so perfect if this is your first time playing an escape room. Houdini’s Workshop is designed for smaller teams and those looking for something a little different as everything is not as straight forward as it seems! Both games are suitable for anyone over the age of 8 (but be aware that under 16s will need an accompanying adult).

Trapp'd Corby

Trapp’d escape rooms were developed by escape rooms afficionados with years of experience in movie set design and movie marketing, resulting in a unique adventure experience. With two venues in Northampton itself and three just a short drive away, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Whatever theme you go for, the challenge is to escape within 60 minutes by working as a team to unlock keys, crack codes, and solve puzzles. The website lets you know the average escape rate and level of difficulty for each room, so you know what you’re letting yourself in for!

The Corby location has three themed rooms: Reanimation (based on the Frankenstein legend), Main State Prison (AKA ‘the most secure prison on earth’) and the very scary-looking Motel.

Trapp'd Northampton 

Trapp’d Northampton on Connaught Street has two themed rooms to choose from: the arty-looking The Monosphere (a crazy, mind-bending psychoactive experience) and Molten Creek Mine (can you make it out of a collapsed mine before the oxygen runs out?).

Trapp'd Billing Aquadrome

The Billing Aquadrome leisure park in the east of Northampton is home to the second Trapp’d venue in the city. This one has four rooms to choose from! Exordium is a futuristic space-themed room; Dead on Arrival (not one for the faint-hearted!); 46 Below (can you survive a plane crash in the freezing Artic?) and Road the Glory (the world’s first football-themed escape room).

Trapp'd Wellingborough

Trapp’d in Wellingborough has three very fantastical escape rooms that would be well suited for fans of Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. The Forsaken challenges you to save your friend’s soul from a sick cult, (you can battle a fearsome beast in Legend of Drakon) or prevent apocalypse in the watery adventure Atlantis.

Trapp'd Kettering

There are three more escape rooms on offer at Trapp’s in Kettering. Horror fans with love the creepy Abigail, in which you pit your wits against a cursed doll. Dead Man’s Cove is a pirate adventure on the high seas. In VX 2.0 you must infiltrate an underground Russian warfare base and shut down a deadly chemical operation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have also put together a list of frequently asked questions about Escape Rooms at the link below, (FAQs), which also includes some Top Tips and Did you know information which you can show off about when you are with your friends and family

  • Read our Escape Room Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Click Here

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our article called Northampton Escape Rooms, and that you have found the information above include our FAQ page helpful in deciding on which venue you to choose.

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