New Year’s Eve Party Games

Published on: 26/12/18

New Year’s Eve – the perfect time to really let your hair down after the responsibilities of Christmas are over. What better way to ring in the new year than to gather your friends and family around you, raise a toast to 2018 and celebrate exciting times ahead in 2019. If you’re having a get-together this New Year’s Eve, why not try some games to really get the party going? You’ll be having so much fun you might miss the clocks chiming midnight! So crank up the music, fill your cup and get stuck in with our fun party game ideas:

The Ice Breaker

If you’ve got a group of people who don’t know each other that well, or you just want to get everyone warmed up and in the party spirit, Human Bingo is a great game. The host draws a grid on a sheet of paper with descriptions of people in each square (e.g. speaks a foreign language, hates spiders, collects Star Wars memorabilia). Players then go around the room finding the person to match the description and asking them to sign the square. The player to get a full hour first wins!

The Family One

This one is suitable for all ages - everyone gets into pairs and sits back to back. One player has to describe a household object for the other player to draw, without telling them what it is. The drawer then has to figure out what it is from their own drawing. The pair to correctly guess first, wins. Obviously the more random the object, the more difficult and funny it will be to describe and draw!

The Drinking One

A mash-up of Russian roulette and Spin the Bottle, make sure you have plenty of vodka for this one! Place shot glasses filled with water in a circle, then fill a few with vodka. Players spin the bottle and drink the shot it lands on, without trying to guess if it’s got water or vodka in! If you get a vodka shot you also have to perform a ‘punishment’ (e.g. truth or dare).

The Thoughtful One

This is a lovely game to play with both adults and kids, to get you thinking about everything that’s happened over the past year and what you’d like to achieve next year.

All you need is a large empty jar and some strips of paper. Get everyone to write down their favourite or funniest memory from 2018, and what they wish for in 2019. Fold them up and place them all in the jar, then pass around a circle for people to pick out and read aloud. Can you guess who wrote what?

Whatever you’re up to for New Year’s Eve, we hope that you have a fantastic time! Here’s to making new memories with new adventures and great days out in 2019.

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