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Published on: 26/01/21

The New Forest in Hampshire was recently named as one of the best parks in Europe by Trip Advisor. This will come as great news to those of us looking for ‘staycation’ destinations in the UK this summer and will hopefully provide a much-needed boost for the local tourism and leisure industry. Based in the beautiful national park and nature reserve, New Forest Activities was started by two university friends with a passion for paddle sports back in 2003. Since then, it has grown into the biggest provider of activities in the park, and these days they have loads more than just water sports to offer!

So, what can you get up to in the New Forest? From Canoeing and Kayaking and Sea Kayaking to Rope Courses, Bushcraft, Battlefield Live, Virtual Reality (VR), Archery, and Bike Hire, read on for our top picks from this highly rated venue.

Sea Kayaking

What better way to take in the glorious coastline of this part of the UK than at water level, peacefully paddling along in a Sea Kayak? You will love being out in the wide-open spaces and may even have some close encounters with the local wildlife! As you’d expect, this activity is more prone to the mercies of winds and tides than kayaking on rivers or lakes, so previous kayaking experience is recommended.


Explore the beautiful surroundings of the Beaulieu river by canoe and you’ll benefit from the instructor’s many years of experience in this region. The river is privately owned and tidal, so you can have a completely different Canoeing experience travelling up and down stream and among the hidden creeks. The canoes are ‘Canadian Style’ which are open and more stable, and perfect for couples and small groups.

Rope Courses

Back on dry land, the Woodland Activity Centre is where you’ll find lots of Rope Challenges that are great for groups of friends, families and colleagues. With over 20 specially designed activities to push you just enough outside of your comfort zone, they’re the perfect way to encourage teamwork or just for fun. Swing among the ancient trees in the New Forest and enjoy the view from up high! No matter what your level of experience, New Forest Activities make sure they have an inclusive program on offer for all abilities.


Recent world events has had some of us wondering how we would cope in other crazy circumstances – for example, could you start a fire, build shelter and find food? Hopefully, it never comes to that, but it never hurts to be prepared! With their guided Bushcraft courses, the experts at New Forest Activities can teach you the basics of survival. Experience some quality time in the great outdoors and learn some exciting new skills at the same time.

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