Murder Mystery parties for Christmas and New Year

Published on: 08/12/19

Are you bored of the usual Christmas and New Year parties: Wham blasting out of the speakers, drooping decorations and lukewarm sausage rolls? Are you dreading having to make small talk about the weather for the umpteenth time in an evening? Then you need to try hosting a Murder Mystery Party!

Gozone Murder Mysteries are the absolute experts in murder mystery parties and have been helping first-time hosts deliver brilliant experiences for almost 30 years. They’re a great way of encouraging your guests to mingle with each other and a fun evening like no other.

If you’ve not heard of them before, the basic format is this: one of your guests has been murdered, and the rest of them need to gather clues and evidence to try and find the culprit. The murderer is still in the room, but will you figure out who it is?

Like escape rooms, murder mystery games can be themed in unlimited ways, from different periods in time to geographic locations to outer space! If you’re interested in hosting a murder mystery party from Gozone, there are three options to chose from:

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Download your own Murder Mystery kit

Great for hosts in a hurry or if you need to save money, with this option the materials (instructions, character profiles, printable props like letters etc.) are sent to you electronically. You print them out at home and use your own physical props or costumes to complete the experience.

Hire a boxed game sent straight to your door

Alternatively, you can request a boxed game which can be posted to you anywhere in the world. This will include all the materials you need but professionally printed, and it will also include a few props to add to the fun. For both this and the downloadable option you can have a standard or premium edition.

Hire a Professional Murder Mystery Host

Gozone can put you in touch with professional party hosts in your area, who have loads of experience running Murder Mystery Nights. They will guide your guests through the event and make sure everyone gets involved and has a good time, while you relax and join in the fun! Of course, this is the priciest option, but if you’re planning a big party or a fundraising event, this might be the way to go.

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Top Tips for hosting a great Murder Mystery party

Whichever option you chose, Gozone have some great tips for making your Murder Mystery Party as brilliant as possible:

  • Encourage your guests to get into the spirit by dressing up, if not in full costume then at least with some fun accessories to help them get into character
  • Chose a venue with plenty of space where you won’t be interrupted by noise or other people
  • Games can be played with any number of people from 2 to 120
  • Don’t try and play the game during a big dinner! Finger food is fine but if you’re having a sit-down meal, play before or after

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