Let's Go Out Review of 2018

Published on: 27/12/18


I hope you are well, and that 2018 has been a great year for you. I thought that I would write a short review for 2018, and what I thought would be short has turned out a little longer. I hope that you enjoy the read. Where has 2018 gone, it feels like only 2 minutes since we launched Let's Go Out in June this year, and what a year it has been, so I wanted to review our first 7 months with you, and to let you know more about our story

Why did we start Let's Go Out?

It all started with me, and who is me I hear you ask, well my name is Jon, and I am sat at home writing this story just after Christmas watching movies, and planning the next 12 months

Why did it all start, so one day myself and my wife (Hazel) wanted to find something to do at the weekend, we tried all of the search engines, and we kept getting the same thing over and over again, and that was nothing, the search engines could not give us what we was looking for, then there was a lightbulb moment. I then thought that if there is not a website out there to give us what we want, then I will create one, and the journey started

I spoke with one of my friends (Craig) about getting involved with Let's Go Out. Which at that time we did not even have a name, that came later, and we got to work with finding the right people to work with, and Let's Go Out was created

June - Let's Go Out is Launched

After 18 months of planning, hard work, and sleepless nights, the day had finally come, and we launched Let's Go Out, that day was the 1st of June 2018

At the time of launching we already had over 5,000 activities and days out set up for you to find all over the UK, and for all ages. We also designed Let's Go Out to be simple and easy to use, where you can search by entering your postcode or location, it will give then you a list of activities and days out wherver you are in the UK. We also designed it so that it is clear and easy to read, and also not covered in adverts, as we understand how annoying that is, in fact we have no adverts on the website at all, as we understand about putting you first, and business second

Also at the end of June we had our very first Free Monthly Prize Draw Winner, which was Charn Harding from Blackpool, Charn asked us to book 4 tickets for herself, and her friends to go to the Sandcastle Water Park & Spa for the day

July - First Press Release

The first month has already gone, and we are continuing to work hard, with increasing the number of activities and days out we have set up for you all over the UK

Plus we already have our second Free Monthly Prize Draw Winner, who was Carolyn Benjamin from Stockport, Carolyn asked us to book 2 tickets for her husband, and daughter to go to Zip World Titan

I also had a live interview on BBC Northampton, which when I first heard about this, I was both nervous and excited at the same time, but I am pleased to say that the live interview went very well, and we have been invited to go on again in the future

We also had some press release articles done by the below magazines, please click on the links below to read the articles

August - Freshers at De Montfort University, Leicester. Plus more PR

2 months have already gone (where does time go), so it's now August, and we are planning for 5,000 flyers to be printed, and handed out at the freshers week at the De Montfort University in Leicester

Plus our lucky winner of our Free Monthly Prize Draw is Katrin Deer from London, Katrin asked us to book her tickets to the London Zoo, The Shard and also Paddleboarding at Wake Up Docklands, which made me very busy that day arranging all of this with Katrin, so that we could make sure that all of the dates and times that we booked, were suitable for Katrin, in return she very kindly made us the fantastic video on the left hand side, please click play to watch it now

As well as the above, we also had even more press releases, please click on the links below to read the articles

September - Free Give Away of Flyboarding Experience at Big Crazy

It's September, and we have been speaking with Steve at Big Crazy in Chepstow, Steve has very kindy agreed to give us a Free Flyboarding Experience to give away to one of our lucky newsletter subscribers., ro sign up to our newsletter, and free month prize draw - Click Here

The lucky winner of the flyboarding experience was Mark from Caerphilly, which we arranged for a photo shot for the experience, which will be published in the local Chepstow press very soon, we also agreed to write an article about Big Crazy, and also the other activities that they can offer, which include Flyboarding, Kayaking & Paddle Boarding. Please click on the link below to read the article

Big Crazy Article - Click Here

As well as the giveaway with Steve at Big Crazy, we also had our Free Monthly Prize Draw. The winner for September was Rosie Wells, and her family from Essex. Rosie asked us to book her 5 tickets to the Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, where they had a great day out, Rosie gave us the below feedback

"It felt amazing to win this prize, and I knew straight away that I wanted to do something with my family. I’m a proud mum to two young boys, and I love to spend time with them having fun outside

I think that the Let’s Go Out website is great, especially for families, as I’m able to search for everything to do in my local area, and also further afield all on one site. I will definitely be using Let’s Go Out in the future and recommending it to my friends and family, and can’t wait to take my boys out on different adventures.

Thank you Let's Go Out, we all had a great day at Paradise Wildlife Park. My boys especially loved the new world of dinosaurs and they were able to carve and take home their own pumpkins"

October - Avalance Adventure New Monthly Give Away Winner

October is here already, where have the last 4 months gone, it feels like a blur, the great news is that we are getting more and more poeple us Let's Go Out all of the time, and the feedback that we are getting about is fantastic, everyone is saying, why has this not been done before, with everything all in one place, it's so simply & easy

In October we decided that as well as doing the Free Monthly Prize Draw for our newsletter subscribers, that we would also do a Free Monthly Giveaway for 1 of our lucky Premium package listing each month, and the winner for our new prize draw, will win an artcle writen by our copywriter on the activities that they can offer, which we will then publish the article on our website and social media pages for free

The winner of the first article was Avalanche Adventure, when I called Robin to let him know, he was over the moon, and said that he had never won anything before. Please read the article at the link below

Avalanche Adventure Article - Click Here

We also had our Free Monthly Prize Draw winner, the Lucky Winner for October was Alexander Cottingham from Bournemouth. Alexander asked us to book 4 tickets for himself and 3 of his friends to go to Marvo Mysteries in Bournemouth

November - 6,500 Activities

So 5 months have gone, and it's November, ss you can see above we have been very busy, and that is only the half of it, as we have also been busy adding new activites, and days out to Let's Go Out for you

We now have over 6,500 activites, and days out for all ages, all over the UK, on our simple and easy to use website. So wherever you are within the UK, you can now find new and exciting things to do, and enjoy making new memories with your friends and family, because after all, that is all what matters

Who won our Free Monthly Prize Draw for November. The lucky winner was Elvina Ebrahimifar from Surrey, she asked us to book her 7 tickets to Kew Gardens in London for the end of December, so keep a look out on our winners gallery for the photos

Our 2nd Free Monthly Prize Draw winner for our Premium package listing was Nottingham Off Road Events in Newark, Nottinghamshire, read the article at the link below

Nottingham Off Road Events Article - Click Here

December - Looking Forward

December is here, and New Year's Eve is only a few days away now. What a year it has been, as have launched Let's Go Out, we have given away 7 fantastic days out all over the UK for free, which is a total of just under £700, plus we have started a new free monthly giveaway for our premium package activities, which we have now done 3 times, which includes Avalanche Adventure, Nottingham Off Road Events, please see below for our December winners

The December winner for our Free Monthly Prize Draw is Bobbi Sawyer, we have now contacted Bobbi to let him know that he is the lucky winner for December, as soon as we have the pictures to share with you, we will post them in our Winners Gallery, and social media pages.

The winner for our Premium package activities is Traditional Punting Company, we will be writing the article at the start of January, which will then be posted on to our Blog page, and social media pages

We hope that you enjoyed reading our story so far, and we look forward to helping you find new and exciting adventures, and days out all over the UK for all ages, and making new memories with your friends and family, because as I say above, after all memories are all what really matters

Also if you have not done so already, then sign up to our free monthly giveway and newsletter at the link below, and also follow us on our social media pages, so that you can stay up to date with new activities, and also giveaways and offers, to enter our Free Monthly Prize Draw - Click Here

Happy New Year

The Let's Go Out Team

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