Lazer Rush in Kent

Published on: 10/10/19

Love a game of laser tag and looking for something to do in the south east? Lazer Rush in Kent has just reopened, so if you’re craving a game of Quasar LaserTag get yourselves down to Whitstable asap! They’ve done lots of work to update the building so head on down to see what’s new.

Play a fun game of LaserTag with friends or family

Get a group of friends or family together and see if you can shoot them with your phasor before they get you. Lazer Rush is designed around a big maze, in a room filled with atmospheric music and exciting lighting effects, with plenty of places to hide and be hidden from.

The great thing about this game is that it’s indoors, so you can play whatever the weather is doing and you don’t have to worry about what clothes to wear (although they do recommend flat soled shoes – no running around the maze in high heels!)

Lazer Rush

Who can play?

Anyone over the age of 6 can play, and Lazer Rush can accommodate big groups of up to 60 players. They have special offers for groups of 15 or more and 32 or more (see below). It’s a physical activity with lots of running around so bear that in mind when booking!

Birthday parties for children and adults

Lazer Rush offer three party packages with different food and drink options. All packages include at least three laser games with a party host and a slush drink, and a new membership card. You can even download ready to use party invitations from their website! You can also arrange an overnight stay for a special occasion.

Lazer Rush in Kent

Kids Quasar Club

Lazer Rush runs a Kids Quasar Club every Sunday from 10am til midday. No booking is required, your kids can turn up as often as they like and be entertained by the trained marshals for two hours (giving you a bit of peace and quiet on a Sunday morning!) They can be shown tips and tricks to improve their game and can also try out different play formats aren’t part of the regular games.

Special Offers

There are always special offers on during the school holidays, with great value holiday game sessions from 1pm to 5pm every weekday. You can also choose between five different membership packages, offering great savings for regular players. Groups of 15 or more or 32 or more can book exclusive use of the arena for 2 hours at special rates.

Lazer Rush Kids Club

What else do I need to know?

Lazer Rush is open every weekday from 4 til 8pm, and from 10am til 8pm at the weekends. They do open out of hours for special bookings, just get in touch with them to arrange. There is free parking outside and you’re not far from the lovely Whitstable Bay with plenty of places to eat and drink. As mentioned above, wear appropriate clothes for running about – you don’t want to miss your target because you’ve tripped over your trousers!

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