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Published on: 31/01/20

The remarkable discovery of King Richard III underneath a car park in Leicester is surely one of the most exciting historical events in decades! Who would have thought that a once-powerful monarch would have been carelessly buried and his final resting place unmarked and unknown for hundreds of years?

King Richard III really did deserve better – after all he was the last King of England to die in battle. But because his original tomb was moved and there were rumors that his body had been thrown into the River Soar, the location of his remains remained a mystery!

That is, until 2012 when his skeleton was found by an archaeological joint effort between the University of Leicester, Leicester City Council, and the Richard III Society. The King has since been reburied in Leicester Cathedral, but if you’re keen on the history of the much-misunderstood monarch, you can visit the King Richard III Visitor Centre to find out more.

Experience the incredible story of dynasty, death and DNA

The visitor centre has a fantastic exhibition that tells the incredible story of King Richard III’s life, taking you through his controversial claim to the crown and the legend of the Princes in the Tower that Richard was said to have murdered. How did the last king of England to die in battle meet his end? And how do we know that the remains found in that car park were really his?

An incredible discovery 5 months in the making

The team of archaeologists tasked with finding the remains worked for five months before they got the news they were waiting for – the male skeleton they had unearthed was in fact King Richard III! Find out how the amazing discovery allowed historians to disprove some of the nastier rumors about his physical deformities, and how he was finally given a resting place fit for a king.

Summer Science Club

Last year the visitor centre launched a hugely popular Science Club, which ran over the summer holidays. This year they’re planning to do the same, inviting young minds to carry out scientific experiments designed to inspire and delight.

Venue hire for meetings, events and medieval dining

The visitor centre is a modern space with great period features that make it a unique location for meetings and events. If you’re looking for something a bit different for your next celebration, they host medieval banquets with 3-course meals full of music and merriment! They also arrange bespoke events like film screenings, gin tastings and chocolate-making experiences.

The King Richard III Visitor Centre is located right in the heart of Leicester’s city centre, close to the cathedral. It’s surrounded by shops, cafes and hotels so you can have a fun day trip or even stay for the weekend.

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