Indoor Activities to Keep You Sane During Lockdown

Published on: 30/03/20

The spread of Coronavirus across the globe has caused countless countries to go into lockdown, with the UK being no exception. Households are currently being told to stay at home and only go outside for essentials. But with so many people working from home and the kids off from school, how can you hold on to your sanity as well as your health?

Of course, we have endless viewing options with TV on demand and streaming services offering more movies and TV shows than we could ever hope to get through. But what about when you’re bored of being a couch potato?

Here’s a few ideas of indoor activities to keep you sane during lockdown:

joe wicks

PE Lessons with Joe Wicks

The success of daily workouts with ‘The Nations PE Teacher’ Joe Wicks has been stratospheric. In fact, the viewing figures on his YouTube channel have created such a huge advertising revenue that he’s pledged to donate it all to the NHS – what a hero! As well as looking good in lycra, Joe has a great down-to-earth and positive attitude that are a real tonic in these trying times. Whether you’re a kid or grown up, joining in with his 30-minute workouts are a great start to the day, especially if you’re working from home. And if you can’t join live at 9am, catch up on YouTube.

Get Virtual Gaming with Friends

We all know the rules of Social Distancing – no hanging out with anyone outside your household. But groups of friends are getting around these restrictions by playing games virtually, either by joining in on multi player PC games like Call of Duty or setting up board games via Skype or WhatsApp. There are also more niche games like Jackbox Party Pack (available on consoles and PC) which are video games that you can play with your phone. Think silly quizzes, Pictionary-style drawing challenges and word association games.


Tackle Those Rainy-Day Jobs

Remember that list of jobs around the house that you promised yourself you’d get around to doing ‘one day’? Well what better time than a national lockdown to finally get them done! Whether it’s having a total wardrobe sort out, painting the hallway or whitening the grout in the bathroom, every household has something that could be improved, cleaned up or cleared out. Why not watch ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ on Netflix for some decluttering inspiration!

Write A Letter to Someone in Isolation

It’s great that we can all keep in touch so easily, but there’s nothing like getting out a pen and paper and writing a proper letter to someone you care about. If you have elderly relatives or friends that are having to self-isolate, receiving a thoughtful handwritten letter would make their day. Nothing beats the feel-good factor of letting someone know you’re thinking about them!

home cooking

Get Creative in the Kitchen

We should all be limiting the amount of shopping trips we make at the moment, so now’s the time to get creative in the kitchen. Dust off those forgotten recipe books and see what you can make from all those tins and packets languishing in the larder. There are loads of great ideas online and they don’t have to be complicated – learn how to make the perfect omelet or challenge yourself to something a bit more adventurous. It will be a while before we can eat out again so create your own fine dining experience at home!

We’d love to hear your ideas too so get in touch and let us know how you’re staying sane!

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