Flip Out at the UK’s Biggest Trampoline Parks!

Published on: 18/01/19

For this week’s blog we’re jumping for joy about how fun trampolining is! If you haven’t played on a trampoline since you were a kid, you really don’t know what missing out on!!

Not only is jumping around on a trampoline brilliant fun, it also offers a whole load of health benefits. As you might expect, it helps improve your balance and coordination. As a low-impact exercise it also helps increase your bone density and is a great workout for your heart too. Need more convincing to give it a go? How about a trampoline venue that was started specifically to cater to older kids and adults?

Flip Out began with the founder realised his son couldn’t join in the fun at a friend’s birthday party because the facilities at the play area were too small for older kids. So he started a company that would provide bigger trampolines, not just for kids but for professionals and adults looking to get fit in a fun way.

There are 24 Flip Out locations in the UK alone, and we’re going to focus on the ones in South London (Wandsworth), Glasgow, Birmingham and Somerset.

Trampoline Park in Wandsworth

Boasting new designs and equipment that’s the first of its kind in Europe, the Wandsworth venue is well worth a visit. The biggest trampoline park in London is the place to go to try out Flip Fit exercise classes and party packages for both kids and adults. Plus they have just extended the track for the Flip Out Crazy Carts, with all of this you have so much to choice from. Plus on Friday nights are disco nights, where they turn down the lights and turn up the music, with a live DJ every week. They even have quiet sessions specifically tailored for autistic people.

Trampoline Park in Glasgow

Flip Out’s Glasgow venue holds the impressive title of being the biggest trampoline arena in the world! They have an incredible 63,000 square feet to explore, with different areas tailored for young kids and ball games like basketball and football. The adults can try out their parkour skills in another area, and there’s also an obstacle course. When you get tired of all the jumping you can get some food at the café or relax in the sports bar.

Trampoline Park in Sandwell, Birmingham

Sandwell is where you’ll find Flip Out’s venue near Birmingham, which is perfectly placed for visitors from all over the Midlands. There’s a cool urban theme that kids of all ages will love, with graffiti-covered walls and over 70 trampolines to bounce around on. They have after-school clubs, great value family passes and weekly ASD & Disability sessions.

Trampoline Park in Somerset

The Somerset venue might not be as huge as Glasgow, but it still offers an amazing 36,000 square feet of trampolining fun, with state-of-the-art equipment and futuristic lights to complete the experience. It’s much more than just trampolines, with stunt-box zones, obstacle courses, monkey bars and foam pits. For the little ones there’s a dedicated area for the under 5s, and a café to sit and get your breath back!

Check out the Flip Out website for more detailed information on the locations and activities available.

We hope that you have a fantastic time at your nearest Flip Out centre, and don't forget to share your pictures and stories with us on our social pages

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