Drive a Dennis Fire Engine in the UK

Published on: 07/03/19

What is it about fire engines that gets both kids and adults alike lit up with excitement? Is it the childhood fantasy of being a hero firefighter, rushing to respond to an emergency and save lives? Is it the chance to speed through the streets with sirens blazing and everyone getting out of your way?

Whatever the answer, fire engines hold a special place in many of our hearts. And luckily, there are several places in the UK where you can get up close and personal with these amazing machines, and even get the chance to drive them!

Here’s our choice of great Fire Engine experiences around the UK

Drive a Fire Engine in Oxfordshire

You might have tried other driving experience days, but this is something truly unique! How about getting behind the wheel of a 10.6 litre 240bhp V8 Dennis RS Fire Engine? You’ll be guided through the controls by an instructor in a one-to-one session, then see if you can get the hang of the huge truck – apparently, they can reach speeds of 70mph! If you want to take passengers along for the ride that can be arranged for an additional fee.

Visit the National Emergency Services Museum in Sheffield

A perfect day out for children and adults, in this hidden gem you can learn all about the history of the emergency services and look at the 45 vehicles they have on display. They really have catered to kids at the National Emergency Services Museum, allowing them to climb on and sit in some of the fire engines and try on different uniforms. You can even watch the volunteers slide down the longest fireman’s pole in the country!

Hire a Fire Engine

We all know that everyone love a firefighter, so forget about a boring old stretch limo and hire a fire engine limo instead! There’s a company in Birmingham that will hire out a fire engine complete with hunky uniformed ‘fire fighter’ chauffeurs (they will even give you a fireman’s lift if you ask nicely!) Driving around town in this huge red truck will be sure to get you some attention! They also do kids parties and prom packages too.

Buy your own Fire Engine!

This one is for true fire engine enthusiasts! If you have the money, inclination and HGV license, you can buy and drive a fire engine for private use. According to some petrol head forums, you can find second-hand Volvo or Dennis fire engine trucks on auction sites like eBay – prices start at around £4000. Of course, you’ll have to disconnect the sirens and lights, and be aware that you might not get too many miles to the gallon in these beasts!

We’d love to hear from you if you’ve had a go at driving a fire engine, get in touch with us to share your story.

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