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Published on: 18/11/18

Let's Go Out is your one-stop solution for sourcing exciting days out and activities throughout the UK. We've been fascinated to note the growing popularity of escape rooms over the past few years as they are becoming one of the top activities of choice for participants of all ages.

What are escape rooms?

Escape rooms offer teams of players a type of adventure game in which they need to solve puzzles or complete activities and tasks in order to escape from an enclosed room or space. The escape room environment may just consist of one room, or could be a set of rooms in a themed environment. Players are given a time limit to make a successful escape from their locked environments.

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Some of the popular escape room experiences in the UK include:

Trapp'd - which offers five different escape room locations, in Peterborough, Northampton, Corby, Billing Aquadrome and Wellingborough. Trapp'd offers teams a choice of seven different themes including Maine State Prison, Penteville Motel and Cirque Delirium.

Escape Live - a nationwide company which provides escape room adventures in a variety of locations including Birmingham, Coventry, Southend and Stratford upon Avon. Participants work in teams of two to six to solve the clues and escape from a variety of themed rooms, seasonal themed escape rooms are also available.

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AdventureRooms - a Cardiff based experience suitable for two or more team players and offers participants an exciting one hour experience based on a Mafia theme.

The Escape Game - an escape game in Brighton that's ideal for two or more players and involves a race against time to discover a lab antidote to a deadly disease.

Escape room experiences are ideal gifts for active groups of friends and family members and they offer an immersive and exciting themed experience that will thrill any participant.

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escape rooms in the uk

The typical way escape room experiences are organised is by offering teams a themed environment, which could be based on dungeon, prison cell or space station layouts. All teams are provided with sets of themed puzzles to solve, and given clues, tips or a plan of action they can use to make an escape.

The escape room experience launched around 2010 and has taken off in popularity. You will find escape room experience days in Asia, North America and throughout Europe, very often themed to suit historical events that happened in these locations.

Escape room activities are a popular team building exercise for companies planning unusual activities for groups of workers and are also proving to be a different type of fun activity for families and groups of friends.

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Time Race Escape Room - a Greater Manchester venue offering two themed escape room experiences: the Vault 17 and the Invitation. Groups of two or more guests can enjoy an exciting day out, so this is an ideal birthday gift for family members.

Locked in Games have 2 locations, the first one is in York, and can offer you games such as Boneyard Cemeteny, Caught in the Act, plus more. The newest location for Locked in Games is in Leeds, where you can play games such as Nursery Nightmares, Kiss of Death, plus more. Which ever game you decide to play, you only have 60 minutes to escape, so get your thinking caps on

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