Combat Archery and Archery Tag

Published on: 20/06/19

Have you ever tried archery and loved it? Getting a bit bored of paintball? Well here’s a sport you might not have tried before that combines archery, paintball and has a bit of dodgeball thrown in! Combat Archery is the genius merging of these fun activities to create something totally different – a great game for all ages!

You can play a variety of combat archery games but here are the basics: two teams play against each other, armed only with bows and foam-tipped arrows. After a bit of target practice for you to get used to aiming and releasing the arrows, you’ll gather in the arena to face your opposition. All the arrows are placed in the centre of the space, and when the game starts you run and gather as many as you can!

The aim of the game is to hit members of the opposing team with your arrows and avoid being hit yourself. If you’re hit, you have to hold up your hand and leave the game. The arena will usually have some obstacles you can hide behind and take your shot, and if you manage to catch an arrow coming towards you without it hitting you, you can bring one of your players back in.

Sounds fun right! So where can you play in the UK?

Insight Activities, New Forest or Dorset

Insight Activities in Dorset and the New Forest are an award-winning operator with an expertise in archery and crossbows. Therefore, they’re the perfect people to go to if you’re trying combat archery for the first time! They can offer you ‘the ultimate archery experience’, making sure you have a thrilling experience but one that is totally safe.

The unique thing about their two venues is that they can stage games either indoors or outdoors, as their custom-made archery arrows have been specifically designed to absorb impact. Both locations are based in woodland so you will get lots of practice taking shelter behind trees. You can even package up your combat archery game with some Crossbow, Archery, Build a Catapult and Axe Throwing activities!

Laser Mayhem / Mayhem Paintball, Essex

Big Dunk’s Combat Archery, Cornwall

Big Dunk’s are infamous for their outdoor combat sports like paintball and laser tag and have recently added Combat Archery to the mix. Their unique venue in Cornwall has a purpose-built Archery Combat Arena with a castle to protect and is surrounded by woods so you can really test your accuracy and agility. Big Dunk's can also offer you Paintball, Laser Tag, Archery, Splatball and Footgolf

So whether you fancy yourself as a kick-ass Katniss Everdeen or a eagle-eyed Legolas from Lord of the Rings, give Combat Archery a go and put your skills to the test!

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Insight Activities, New Forest or Dorset

Laser Mayhem / Mayhem Paintball, Essex

You might remember Laser Mayhem from our blog back in April, where we mentioned they also host Archery Tag games all-year round at their base in Pryors Farm in Essex.

They specialise in 5-a-side archery tag, where teams battle against each other to eliminate as many players as possible from the opposite side. They promise a great work out as well as a great team bonding session, whether you’re playing with your friends or colleagues. Also as well as offering Archery Tag, they can also offer you Laser Tag, Paintball, Mini Paintball and Airsoft

Midlands Combat Archery, Midlands

Midlands Combat Archery have 7 locations across the middle of the UK, including Birmingham, Telford, Derbyshire, Loughborough and Nottinghamshire.

They offer a variety of fun themed games, like one based on the popular film series the Hunger Games (who could forget Katniss’s amazing archery skills!) as well as games familiar to paintball enthusiasts such as Capture the Flag and Protect the VIP.

Midlands Combat Archery, Midlands
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