Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the First Moon Landing

Published on: 20/06/19

On the 20th of July, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first people in history to step foot on the surface of the moon. This July marks 50 years since this incredible achievement, and if you’ve got kids who are mad on all things space, or if you’re an astronomy and science fan yourself, you’ll no doubt want to celebrate it too!

So what’s going on in the UK to celebrate the successful mission of Apollo 11 all those decades ago?

National Space Centre, Leicester

This summer, the National Space Centre invites you to take a trip to the moon with their ‘one giant leap’ program of space exploration themed activities. You can get up close to some real-life lunar samples (that’s bits of actual moon to you and me!) and make your very own Apollo mission patch to take home.

And it’s not all just about astronauts! You can discover the hidden stories of the incredible team of people who worked behind the scenes to make the moon landing possible, from nurses to mathematicians to geologists.

If you’ve never actually watched the lunar landings on TV, now’s your chance. The space centre is giving you an opportunity to relive a piece of history, with live narration and original NASA footage bringing the amazing moment to life.

national space centre

Wistow Moon Walk, Wistow Maze, Leicestershire

Here’s something you don’t see every day – an 8-acre maze in the shape of an astronaut!

The Wistow Maze is an award-winning maze (which is funnily enough, made out of maize) and has been created to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the first man on the moon. Can you find your way through the 3 miles of pathways, following the Quiz Trail and testing your knowledge on the 12 quiz boards?

You’ll be rewarded not only by finding your way out of the maze, but also by the stunning panoramic views you’ll get climbing the high-level bridges.

You can also make a day of it as Wistow is a really lovely area, and the Wistow Rural Centre is located just across the road from the maze, where you can visit the café, garden centre, art gallery, model village and numerous shops. So much more than just a maze!

Check out your local area for other special events happening to celebrate one giant leap for mankind!

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If you buy a day ticket to the space centre, they include one free show at the planetarium. You can experience an immersive film celebrating all the amazing feats of the Apollo programme, from the comfort of your seat in the largest planetarium in the UK.

Finally, you can even sleep over at the National Space Centre! For one night only on the 20th July, you can be part of their special Space Lates and Sleepover celebration for the moon landing anniversary. You will enjoy special activities, workshops and talks, then experience an evening under the stars without worrying about the weather!

wistow maze, leicestershire
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