Bunker 51, London

Published on: 04/09/21

It’s getting to the end of the summer holidays, boo! But that doesn’t have to mean the fun has to stop. In fact, as kids return to school, it’s even more important to have great places in your arsenal, for weekends, rewards, parties, family catch-ups, or just running off after-school energy.

Research has shown that a balance of physical activity helps with children’s mental health and improved concentration, happiness and learning at school. But forget the boffins; kids or adults alike, we want to visit places like Bunker 51 because it’s so much fun!

Bunker 51, Sounds Intriguing…

It certainly is! Bunker 51 is a paintball, laser tag and airsoft arena in Greenwich, London. Themed as a military bunker, this immersive and indoor arena is the first of its kind in the UK. Conceived and developed by the creators of The Hangar at The O2 Arena and Star Command at Trocadero, Piccadilly Circus, it’s these epic game experts’ most immersive and intense attraction yet.

Situated right by the Thames, Bunker 51 has several hundred feet of themed playing fields. Likened to “a video game come to life”, you’ll join an elite special force team, receive your mission, gear up with the most technologically advanced equipment, and enter into the adventure of your lives.

Whichever activity you pick, games can hold up to fifty people at a time, so kids will never be short of anyone to play with; they can even take on their entire school class if they want to! Drop in for one after-school game, or there’s plenty to keep everyone entertained for the whole day, great for those looking to gift a special treat or even a birthday surprise. And as everyone receives a printed record of their results, the bragging rights or the victorious teams are priceless!


Whichever theme you pick, big and little warriors alike will be immersed in saving the world from invading forces or nuclear disaster in Bunker 51’s huge family-friendly arenas. A special ops uniform is included when you join, so everyone will look like the real deal whilst they’re saving the world. You’ll get to take part in imaginative themed games, use top of the range equipment, and most importantly have lots of fun!

Paintball: Bunker 51 is London's only indoor paintball centre! Using the latest equipment in fast paced close-quarter-battle games, to give you the ultimate paintball experience. There’s also specially targeted (literally!) junior paintball for ages 8 to 12.

Airsoft: Airsoft sessions use realistic replica weaponry in a variety of fast paced, tactical game formats in the immersive cold war bunker themed game zones, to deliver an authentic close-quarter-battle shooting experience. In partnership with Ultimate Airsoft, Bunker 51 can now offer large-scale, full-on skirmishes, suited to seasoned and newbies alike.

Lasertag: Forget what you think you know about laser tag, and going one step beyond the usual UV lighting we all think of, laser tag at Bunker 51 reinvents the game. Using the latest laser tag equipment in a military themed arena, you can play laser tag like never before.

Zombie Experience: The ultimate in heart-racing goodies versus baddies; choose from two zombie experiences: Zombie SWAT Training by Apocalypse Events, and Zombie Laser Tag.

Escape Rooms: The Trapped team have moved in to Bunker 51, with 3 exciting escape experiences to choose from: Trapped in a Prison Van, Trapped with a Zombie, and Trapped


It’s The Full Package

Bunker 51’s massive playing area includes two themed immersive playing zones, choose your favourite for a one-hour gaming session. Bok a two-hour session, and the team will endeavour to get you playing in both zones, subject to availability.

Loading Bay: A large open game zone with multiple obstacles to hide behind including a truck, several small rooms for taking cover, flashing beacon lights and an exposed wall for a true sense of being below ground

Missile Silos: An L-shaped game zone featuring 3 large missile silos, missile launcher, multiple rooms for those seeking shelter and a prison complex, perfect for close-quarter-battle gameplay.

With its state-of-the-art arenas, equipment, effects and high-octane action, Bunker 51 is perfect for all ages and events. It’s exclusively bookable for parties, private hire and corporate events, with gift vouchers the perfect present. So if you’ve ever wanted to break out of the corporate world and take down a few zombies, this is the ultimate playzone that’s definitely not just for kids!

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