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Published on: 13/09/19

Breakout games, escape rooms, locked room games…whatever you want to call them, they are really popular at the moment! The idea is you’re locked in a room with your team and must solve a number of clues and puzzles to be released. They’re great fun and you can usually find 2 or 3 in most city centres, making them the perfect activity for both tourists and locals.

Breakout Live in Swansea is rated 5 stars on TripAdvisor and has three different games to choose from, themed around a prison strike, the hunt for a serial killer, and a malfunctioning spacecraft! It’s family friendly fun for you and your kids, your mates or your colleagues. Here’s a little bit more info on what you can expect…

What games do they have at Breakout Live?

At the moment there are three different games on offer at Breakout Live, with a fourth in development. In ‘Prison Strike’ you’re facing a death sentence for a murder you didn’t commit and have to use the clues left in the cell by another prisoner to help you escape.

The tables are turned in ‘Mumbles Bunker’ and you are the victim of a devious murderer who likes to taunt his captives by locking them in a room that they can escape, if only they can solve the puzzles. ‘Voyager’ is a game set in space – can you escape the malfunctioning spaceship and avoid being stuck floating through space for eternity?

breakout live swansea escape room

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Come as you are and don’t worry about wearing any particular kind of clothes, as the games are all inside (which comes in handy with the notoriously rainy Welsh weather)!

They do recommend you leave your phones in the lockers provided to avoid the temptation to Google the answers and spoil the fun! It’s also recommended that you book in advance – if you just turn up on the day, they might not have availability.

breakout live swansea
breakout live swansea uk

Who can play?

The games are suitable for ages 10 and up, and you can play as just a couple of people or in groups of up to six people. If you’re not sure how many people can make it, just book for 2 and you can always pay for more people on the day.

And if you wanted to take a larger group for a corporate event or stag/hen do, they can simply split up into 3 teams, one in each room. The games last for 60 minutes each.

escape room swansea

What else is there to do in Swansea?

Swansea is a great place to explore for the day or stay and explore for a weekend. Nature lovers will be impressed by The Gower Peninsula, which was named as the UK’s first area of outstanding natural beauty back in 1956.

During the day you can mooch around the famous Swansea Market, which has been welcoming shoppers for over 300 years! Browse over 100 stalls with everything under the sun for sale, from confectionary to clothing to cosmetics, and an array of fresh fruit, veg and meat.

At night there is a great music scene with pubs and clubs showcasing live bands most nights of the week – a new and popular addition is The Bunkhouse. If you want more ideas on things to do in Swansea, the friendly staff at Breakout Live will be more than happy to give you some tips!

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