When is the Blackpool Illuminations

Published on: 04/11/17

Blackpool Illuminations Date

Did you know that.....the date for the Blackpool Illuminations lights are on from the 31st of August until the 4th of November

Also when the lights are on they use 1 million light bulbs along the promenade, which runs for over 10km, and that this fantastic light display has been running since 1879, and that the first display was described as artificial sunshine, and consisted of just 8 carbon arc lamps

The illuminations consist of almost every kind of light display that you can imagine, from laser, neon, fibre and searchlights


The first Blackpool Illuminations display which was similar to the displays which are held now, was back in May 1912, this was to mark the first Royal family visit to Blackpool

The reason for this visit was so that Princess Louise could open a new section of the Promenade, which is called the Princess Parade. at the time of this the promenade was decorated with over 10,000 light bulbs

There are many ways to see the illuminations, which include driving along the illuminations, please take you time if you decide to do this, as it's very busy, plus there are traffic lights all of the way along the route, so keep an eye out for any red lights and also speed camera's, you can also catch a coach or bus

Plus there is also horse drawn coaches, and also illuminated open top trams, and if your feeling fit and want a great walk along the sea front, then you are also able to use the walkway

Top 5 Facts about the Blackpool illuminations

1. The illuminations cost £2.4 million to stage every year

2. All of the equipment is worth £10 million

3. The illuminations are expected to attract in excess of 3.5 million visitors to Blackpool every year

4. There is over 200 miles of cable & wiring

5. All of the equipment weighs more than 711 tonnes, which is the same as 350 Blackpool trams

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