Avalanche Adventure

Published on: 15/11/18

Avalanche Adventure is bang in the centre of the English countryside on the Leicestershire/Northamptonshire border, and has been welcoming adrenalin junkies for over 14 years!

Offering a jaw-dropping range of activities on their 400-acre site, they’ve recently invested in a swish new air-conditioned log cabin, where visitors can enjoy free tea or coffee in between adventures. We know readers of the Let’s Go Out blog are always looking for exciting new venues, so here’s a summary on what you can get up to at Avalanche Adventure:

  • DTV Shredders

If you’ve never heard of a DTV Shredder before, imagine a cross between a tank, a snowboard and a Segway!

Riding this all-terrain personal vehicle is the perfect activity for fans of off-roading who want to try something completely different.

  • Quad Biking

Experience the thrill of ATVs with the rugged and fun Honda 250cc Quad Bikes at Avalanche Adventure. Explore all kinds of terrain with professional instructors on the Quad Bike Safari.

  • Clay Pigeon Shooting

Avalanche Adventure offer Clay Pigeon Shooting both as a team building activity and as an individual activity.

So whether you’re a first timer or you’ve got a few spent cartridges under your belt, they can help you improve your aim and success rate.

  • Off Road Driving

Apparently driving off-road can be an addictive experience!

You can drive the iconic Land Rover Defender 90 with a 2.2 litre turbo diesel engine up steep inclines, through shallow and deep water and a wooded section.

  • Gemini Buggies

These cute little automatic 400cc Buggies are so much fun to drive - simply put your foot down on the accelerator and off you go around the track!

  • Archery

If you want an adventure that’s also a workout, give Archery a try!

As well as testing your coordination, focus and aim, archery uses every part of your body, and there’s nothing like the sense of satisfaction you get seeing the arrow fly into the target!

  • Amphibious Vehicle

The Argocat eight-wheeler is like nothing you’ve ever driven before!

Compete with your friends and colleagues to see who can complete the slippery obstacle course in the fastest time. Don’t forget your waterproofs!

  • Blindfold Driving

Yep, you read that right – Blindford Driving!

This is a fantastic team building activity or perfect for Stag/Hen parties. Can you and your navigator negotiate the Land Rover around the course and avoid the obstacles?

  • Opposite Steer Buggy

The Opposite Steer Buggy does exactly what it says on the tin – steer left and the buggy goes right!

Taking this little buggy around the course is a real head trip that will test your reactions, concentration and brain power.

  • Hovercraft Experience

Hovercrafts are intriguing vehicles that float on a cushion of air and have no brakes! You’ll really test your skills maneuvering one of these though the course without hitting the posts.

There's something for everyone at Avalanche Adventure, we’re sure you’ll agree! And due to the huge size of the site, Avalanche Adventure can comfortably accommodate groups of up to 200 people all year round - as they say, ‘mud is fun’!

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