Archery Near Me

Published on: 09/10/18

Where can I try Archery near me’ might sound like a Sex Pistol’s B-side, but it’s actually a hugely popular search term online. The sport of archery not only features in the Olympics and Paralympics but has also got a lot of screen time lately in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films, the Hunger Games franchise and various Robin Hood reboots. No wonder it’s become a go-to activity for people looking for something different to do at the weekend.

One of the reasons that archery is so popular is its flexibility – it can be both a highly competitive sport or an activity that you enjoy at your own pace. You can take part in UK-wide tournaments or simply practice beating your own personal best. Archery is also suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities, from children to wheelchair users and even those registered blind, like the Olympic champion Im Dong-hyun who broke two world records in 2012.

In terms of the equipment you’ll need, most clubs will offer a rental service for your bows, arrows and protective accessories (wrist guard and finger pouch), and equipment is also very easy to source second-hand if you’re thinking of doing it on a more regular basis. Apart from that you can wear whatever you’re comfortable in, providing you’re dressed for the weather!

So why would you want to give archery a go? People that have tried it enthuse about the calm, almost rhythmic ritual of setting up your pose and preparing to release the arrow – they say it’s almost like meditation and is a great stress-buster.

Your upper body will also benefit from the exercise, which can burn off 100-200 calories an hour, and it’s also a good cardiovascular workout. You’ll probably find that your posture improves too, as you have to be super-aware of how you’re standing at all times.

Archery can be a fantastic family activity, and because of the ‘Katniss effect’ it’s very popular amongst teenage girls. Around the time of the 2012 Olympics kids aged between 12-18 were asked which sport they would most like to try, and archery came out on top. So it could be a great way of getting those teenagers off their phones and into the fresh air for a few hours!

We hope that you enjoyed reading our article called Archery Near Me. There are over 1000 archery clubs all over the UK, giving both amateurs and professionals a wealth of options for learning and perfecting the sport. If you’d like to give archery a try, search our directory of activity companies in the UK that offer lessons and taster experiences.

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