Airsoft Teams Near Me in the UK

Published on: 09/08/19

Airsoft is fantastic fun, with companies all over the UK staging realistic missions, ‘skirmishes’ and themed games (think Walking Dead style zombies!) A combat simulation sport similar to paintballing, Airsoft is becoming a big hit for corporate days out.

If you’ve read our previous blogs about Airsoft below, you might have already given it a go yourself. If so, maybe you’re ready for the next level?

Perhaps you’ve already taken part in a few Airsoft games but want to make it a more regular hobby, in which case it might be time to join one of the many Airsoft teams around the UK. Wherever you’re based around Great Britain, there’s bound to be an Airsoft team near you, so we’ve rounded up a selection for you to choose from. Do bear in mind that to be a member of most of these teams, you will require your own kit.

Ace Airsoft, West Midlands

Ace Airsoft host regular games on their 100-acre woodland site, which is easy to access from Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Telford and Shrewsbury. They’re a friendly bunch who welcome beginners so don’t be shy! They welcome up to 100 players at any one time so be prepared for some epic battles, with awesome features like bunkers, helicopters, missile tracks and sniper lookouts.

PAC Airsoft Community, Cambridgeshire

This is the team to join if you don’t want to always play Airsoft in the same location, as they travel around the UK trying out different sites. The groups been going since 2015 and welcome anyone with a passion for Airsoft, regardless of experience. They have a YouTube channel so you can check out PAC Airsoft Community previous missions to see how they operate!

22nd Airborne Airsoft, Wiltshire

These guys are looking for dedicated team members from 13-16 to join their team – don’t bother applying if you haven’t got time for training! They take it very seriously and their ultimate aim is to invite special forces soldiers to join them for military simulations (known in the sport as milsim) down the line. 22nd Airborne Airsoft usually train at Spartan Airsoft and The Trail.

Limavady Airsoft, Londonderry

Set in an impressive 4000sq ft of indoor activity centre, Limavady Airsoft location also includes a shop and a target range. It all started as just a shooting range but evolved into a combat centre, and the team hosts regular games at least once a week. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned Airsofter or a novice, you’ll receive a warm welcome. And if you want to get the kids involved but they’re too young for Airsoft, there’s Nerf games on site too!

Mavet Phoenix Tactical Division, East Midlands

Mavet Phoenix Tactical Division claims to be the largest Airsoft team in the East Midlands, they are currently recruiting members to help them be the best. The key attributes they’re looking for in new recruits, includes having a competitive persona, being a team player, strategic ability and being a great communicator. If this sounds like you, get applying!

Legion VIII Airsoft Team, Glasgow

Legion VIII Airsoft Team is a mixed bunch of Airsofters from various different ‘day jobs’, from accountants to soldiers to students. They usually play at Section 8 in Glasgow but also have venture out at The Fort and The Fortress in Kirkcaldy.

Already in an Airsoft Team

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