How many times over the last year might you have wanted to swap your reality for another one? With the rise in Virtual Reality (VR) technology, this has now become an exciting possibility, for leisure time, at least. Moving out of futuristic films, first into living rooms and now into high-tech gaming centres worldwide, it’s a cutting edge and increasingly sociable route to exciting and escapist gaming.

For early adopters, trying out early VR headsets, followed by smartphone adaptors, at home, made it an essentially solo experience, exploring familiar or fantasy landscapes in stunning detail. This was followed by VR gaming, with major companies developing game systems which enabled players to compete or work in teams virtually worldwide, all sharing the same in-play landscapes and scenarios.

With today’s innovations in technology, VR has broken out of the living room and into the arena, enabling game zones across the country to take the experience into exciting new dimensions. Among the many benefits of interactive VR gaming is access to the latest equipment that tech companies spent billions of dollars developing, untethered by cables and unlimited by buffering home wifi.

Playing at well-equipped venues with the latest technology, choreographed scenarios, and experienced staff avoids several VR pitfalls, such as disorientation, dizziness and dry eyes that can affect home gamers tethered to limited equipment and static gameplay. Most venues offer acclimatisation and try-out sessions, with staff on hand to advise and guide if required.

With centres reopening after lockdown, and more opening to meet demand, there are VR venues in most major cities. At the forefront of multi-player VR, Meetspace VR has three state-of-the-art venues across the country: MeetspaceVR London, MeetspaceVR Birmingham, and MeetspaceVR Nottingham, offering intergalactic free-roam games and large-scale special one-off events.

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