The world’s oceans hold a staggering 96.5 percent of all the water on earth, something to think about next time you go for a paddle! Filled with fascinating, and sometimes downright weird wildlife, World Ocean Week is a celebration of the diversity and importance of our oceans.

With over 70 individual habitats, Hull’s aptly-named The Deep is one of the biggest aquariums in the UK, home to over 3,000 finned and fishy friends. One of their most spectacular displays is the ‘Endless Ocean’, taking an incredible 2.5 million litres of water and 87 tonnes of salt to create!

Bringing the seaside to you, Birmingham’s National Sea Life Centre is one of Britain’s best aquariums, with a multi-million-pound Rescue Facility that has been carefully designed to emulate a natural habitat for rescued marine mammals.

Located in Plymouth, Britain’s ‘Ocean City’, the National Marine Aquarium is a registered marine charity and the largest aquarium in the UK. Made up of four eco-zones, step out into a virtual Plymouth Sound, and continue around the world’s oceans to the stunning Great Barrier Reef, encountering wonderful species along the way.

Beneath the Forth Rail Bridge lies Scotland’s national aquarium, Deep Sea World. But it’s a truly global experience, taking you on a voyage of discovery through the depths of the ocean, the breezy shorelines of Scotland, and the stifling jungles of the Amazon, filled with fascinating sea creatures, marine life, and amphibians.

Chester’s Blue Planet Aquarium is home to more than 100 living displays, with one of Europe’s largest shark collections, including zebra, reef, and sand tiger sharks. Stroll through the Underwater Shark Tunnel, explore the colourful Coral Cave and the exotic freshwater fish of South America in the Flooded Forest.

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