One of the best things about the world’s truly great cities is that they tend to preserve the past. There’s a little something for everyone in most of these cities, and that almost always includes attractions and activities that take us back a few year, or even a few decades. Of course there are the actual ancient attractions in some of these cities as well…. But in this case we’re talking about more of a retro-modern vibe.

It doesn’t get much more delightfully retro than Draughts. This is a board game café that established itself as one of London’s little-discussed delights for a number of years before relocating to a new Kingsland High Street location in 2019. If anything though, it’s even better now.

If you’re mostly looking for some retro atmosphere rather than activity, this one-of-a-kind dining room is the place. Exuding a vintage ‘60s flavour (and a very pink one at that), Mayfair’s Sketch has been described as a “pleasure dome” that is “straight out of a Wes Anderson film.” It’s tough to do much more justice to the description than that, so we’ll just stress again that if you want to go back a few decades in an atmospheric sense — and enjoy a nice meal and a glass of wine — put Sketch on your London list.

That’s not the case at Flight Club Bloomsbury though, where quirky-but-classy décor surrounds dart boards that are used within games “reinvented for the 21st century.” A drink or two, good company, a bit of bar food and some darts at Fight Club Bloomsbury will make you feel like you’re enjoying a night out from your parents’ generation, in a good way. Just remember that you have to book your activity in advance

Laser tag is our last pick for some retro fun out in London. Some might not even consider this to be a retro activity, but laser tag is certainly past its heyday from a reputation standpoint — even if it’s as fun as ever. There are actually a number of venues around the city where you can sign up to enjoy some light-em-up action.

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